List of Zombie Anime + Is it successful in Japan?

Many believe that zombies are not popular in Japan, this is due to the few anime that exist. In this article I want to show the real reason why zombies are not famous, in addition to presenting an extensive list of zombie anime and other works.

Before we talk about zombie anime, we need to understand a little about Japanese culture and why there aren't so many works related to zombies. If you understand this, you will be able to understand why some Japanese zombie works are so different.

Why are zombies not popular in Japan?

In Brazil and in the West, zombies have been a great success, it all started with the launch of the series The Walking Dead and the films of Resident Evil, the internet started to viralize the term zombie, countless zombie apocalypse survival tests, themed games like plants vs zombies, I spent the last 3 years listening to and seeing zombies all the time, it seems like every month there was a zombie movie in the cinema.

This is slowly running out, but in Japan despite great works like High School of the Dead and Resident Evil, zombies have never been more popular than in the West. What is the real reason behind this?

Some may think this is good, but unfortunately because of the unpopularity of zombies, many works that we like end up not getting a new season or continuation. Are the undead not well represented in anime?

List of zombie anime + is it popular in Japan?

Burying the dead is uncommon in Japan

What contributed to the unpopularity of the term zombie in Japan was the fact that most Japanese are cremated and not buried. For this reason, Japanese creations like Resident Evil and High School of the Dead started with a virus outbreak and not people coming out of the tombs.

Another key factor is that respect for the dead in Japan is very high. Many have an altar inside the house, there is even a whole week of holiday dedicated to the spirits of loved ones. Turning a cemetery into a spooky place just doesn't work in Japan.

List of zombie anime + is it popular in Japan?

Weapons, Weapons, Weapons

Despite anime depicting a lot of action, giant robots and flashy weapons, Japan hates guns. Finding a weapon in Japan is very difficult. While all zombie movies portray weapons as a form of protection, if a zombie apocalypse happens in Japan everyone dies, since not even the police usually own weapons.

weapons? Who needs guns when you have them katanas? Anyone who thinks it's easy to get a katana in Japan has to stop dreaming about anime.

List of zombie anime + is it popular in Japan?

What horror is popular in Japan?

These small factors don't mean Japan hasn't tried to infuse zombies into its culture. There are several movies, dramas, mangas that portray zombies, some of them even had great success, but the vast majority were failures. In a country where fantasy goes so far, it's hard for zombies to compete with the competition.

One thing that is very popular in Japan is ghosts. Japanese believe in spirits and are very superstitious. So in Japan when someone dies he turns into a ghost and not a zombie. The amount of anime, manga, dramas and ghost movies is huge, even becoming a cliché in Japan.

List of zombie anime + is it popular in Japan?

Action Horror Zombie Anime

When talking about zombie anime, people want to see horror and action. Below we will share the best zombie anime with horror and action:

Highschool of the Dead

When the infected approached Rei and Takashi's school, it led to a terrible bloodbath that left most of the students and staff dead or turned into zombie-like monsters that spread across the world.

Junto com um punhado de outros sobreviventes, Rei e Takashi partiram para encontrar suas famílias em um mundo que está rapidamente se deteriorando. Governos entraram em colapso, a doença mortal está fora de controle e as pessoas em todos os lugares estão tentando o seu melhor para simplesmente viver cada dia...

This is one of the most famous zombie anime, with a lot of action and ecchi. Unfortunately the anime had only 12 episodes and ended up with a half-open ending, but it's still a frantic work that holds you from beginning to end.

List of zombie anime + is it popular in Japan?

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

During the industrial revolution, humanity is threatened by the sudden emergence of undead monsters that can only be killed by piercing their hearts through an iron plate. Those bitten become one of them.

Called “Kabane”, these monsters exploded in numbers. The Hinomoto people built fortress stations and barricaded themselves inside. Only steam locomotives, the Hayajiros, can travel between them.

The anime is quite frantic and interesting, has a beautiful art and soundtrack. Unfortunately this was another anime overshadowed and prevented from having a new season due to its unpopularity in Japan.

List of zombie anime + is it popular in Japan?

Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

This anime despite the zombie in the title, presents different creatures in a story full of madness. Ayumu was murdered by a serial killer – at least, he was. After the mysterious Eucliwood Hellscythe revives him, he turns into a zombie.

Now, in addition to not being able to die, the boy must tend to the whims of his supernatural, silent companion - but things keep getting worse from there. It goes so far as to even become a magic girl.

Also, in the anime we have the addition of a hostile vampire ninja. Will Ayumu be able to live a normal life while fighting monsters and looking for the person who killed him? Will her dignity remain intact?

List of zombie anime + is it popular in Japan?

Different zombie anime

When we look to watch a zombie anime, we want to see action and blood. The Japanese break out of this pattern and invent anime of zombies that are moe, with comedy and if playing to romance. Now let's see the best different zombie anime:

Gakkou Gurashi

Looking for a loli school anime with zombies? This anime tells the story of Yuki Takeya who loves her school, in fact she lives at the school, even goes to classes, despite being one of the only ones who attends a class. Why doesn't she come home?

She is part of the "School-Life Club", a group of four girls and their dog who camp out in the club room at night and grow their own food on the school's roof. They don't leave school because it is a safe place in a world that has been ravaged by zombies.

This anime fools those who watch it thinking it's just one slice of life of life. In fact, this anime has a good story behind it, positioning itself in front of the others in the Ranking. Did you have an impact on Madoka? So go for it!

List of zombie anime + is it popular in Japan?

Zombieland Saga

Zombies are tired of living in the dark and want to shine. In the year 2008, high school girl Sakura Minamoto is abruptly killed by a truck while driving to an audition.

Ten years later, Sakura, along with six "legendary" girls from various eras in Japan's history, are brought back as zombies by a man named Kotaro Tatsumi, who seeks to revitalize Saga Prefecture by assembling a group of zombie idols known as the Franchouchou. .

Only the Japanese can put together an Idol anime with zombies. Do you believe it worked? Zombieland Saga is a great anime that manages to mix scary things in very funny situations. An essential anime for anyone who likes the genre.

List of zombie anime + is it popular in Japan?


Chihiro is a student who loves the macabre and collects horror movies and thinks dating a zombie girl would be interesting. But while the idea of death is appealing, when you lose your pet cat, you go to great lengths to resuscitate it.

Every night, he sneaks into an abandoned building and tries to brew a resurrection potion, until one day he meets Rea, the beautiful daughter of the Sanka family. However, after a mess she ends up zombifying herself!

Now horror fanatic Chihiro is living the dream with his own zombie girlfriend, but how will the duo cope with Rea's new diet and the onset of rigor mortis? Don't miss this romantic comedy anime involving zombies.

List of zombie anime + is it popular in Japan?

The article is still halfway through, but we recommend also reading:

Anime for those who like Zombies

Although they don't literally have undead zombies, there are similarities between traditional works involving zombies. See now some similar anime and chosen especially for those who like zombie anime.


Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowel were best friends who lived by the law of the street, until one day they got into a fight with the wrong people and their life of freedom was suddenly taken away.

With no one to turn to and nowhere to run, the choice to join Millenion, the city's most powerful union, felt like an offer he couldn't refuse. Through science they had their bodies recovered by becoming powerful zombies.

Now, amidst heartache, tragedy and utter betrayal, Brandon must take up the gun and help Harry climb the Millenion ranks to succeed in order to protect the people he loves, even if it means killing countless others in the process. .

List of zombie anime + is it popular in Japan?

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghouls aren't exactly zombies, they're Ghouls, creatures that feed on human flesh. They cannot infect other humans, only eat them. Despite this, the atmosphere of the anime is quite dark and very reminiscent of anime with zombies.

Ken Kaneki is a normal college student, quiet in his own right and a great reader. However, this normal boy lives in a mortal world - home to creatures called ghouls, who need to eat human flesh to survive.

One day he ends up being almost devoured by a love interest, becoming half Ghoul and half Human. From there, he must try to preserve his humanity while surviving in an increasingly hostile world filled with human enemies and ghouls.

List of zombie anime + is it popular in Japan?


In England today, a war is being fought. Ordinary people don't realize it, but vampires are running rampant among the population, and it's up to the Hellsing organization to contain the threat of the bloodsuckers, even using their own weapons against them.

Alucard, himself a vampire, is the best agent the organization has to offer, answering only to Integra Hellsing herself. Nobody knows much about this mysterious figure fighting supernatural creatures, including zombies.

List of zombie anime + is it popular in Japan?

Other zombie anime

There are many Resident Evil anime, but they are all in CGI, which may displease most. In addition to these, we have some anime not mentioned in the article, OVAs and movies that we will list below:

Mo Dao Zu Shi 2Anime2019
Mo Dao Zu ShiAnime2018
Black Butler: Book of the AtlanticMovie2017
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Film: The Battle of UnatoMovie2019
Isso é um Zombie? Of the DeadAnime2012
Isso é um Zombie? Of the Dead: Sim, isso me cai muito bemOVA2012
Isso é um Zumbi?TV2011
Kabaneri of the Iron FortressTV2016
Highschool of the DeadTV2010
Zombieland SagaTV2018
Isso é um OVA de Is This a Zombie?OVA2011
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Part 1: Light That GathersMovie2016
Resident Evil: DamnationMovie2012
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Part 2: Life That BurnsMovie2017
Resident Evil: VendettaMovie2017
Sankarea OVAOVA2012
Genius PartyOther2007
Resident Evil: DegenerationMovie2008
The Empire of CorpsesMovie2015
Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the DeadOVA2011
Hitori no Shita: The OutcastTV2016
Resident Evil 4: IncubateOVA2006
Mo Ri Shu GuangAnime2018
Shi XiongAnime2014
Seoul StationMovie2016
Kyoufu! Zombie NekoTV2015
Walking MeatMovie2019

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