Underwear Theft - Why Do Japanese Steal Panties?

A very commenting case in Japan is the panty and underwear thieves. Even many Brazilians who lived in Japan comment that they had their panties and underwear stolen from the clothesline. In this article we will understand the mystery behind why the Japanese steal panties.

In Japan it's like that, you can leave a branded blouse wherever you want, but if you leave a pair of panties or a bra on the outside clothesline, they go there and take it. Just to give you an idea, in the year 2017 more than 10,000 cases of theft of underwear were registered with the Japanese police, around 4,000 cases were solved.

In Japan panty thieves are called shitage dorobou [下着泥棒] which means thief of intimate steals.

Why do Japanese steal panties?

Men often steal panties to sniff and chew because they have fetishes. But there have been reports of men stealing panties to wear them, or simply collect them.

The panty fetish in Japan is so common that there are used panty vending machines. We also recommend reading our article about panties to understand your culture.

Who Steals the Panties?

Many might imagine that panty theft is most often carried out by perverted men, but this is not always the case, even women steal panties and clothesline pieces.

Women can also steal panties for personal use, the police say that generally when you steal two pieces with a bra, there is a possibility that it is a woman.

What is the damage caused by the Panty Thieves?

A survey conducted on the InfoQ website presents some interesting data on panty thefts. The survey reveals that about 8% of respondents have already had their panties and underwear stolen.

The survey reveals that about 25% had more than four pieces stolen. The main colors stolen are white, black and pink, and more than 70% of robberies happen on the balconies of houses.

Why do Japanese steal panties?

How do Japanese steal panties?

Robbery usually happens most of the time on outdoor clotheslines, but it can very well happen on the balcony of an elevated place if you leave the window of your apartment open.

Some also steal from public laundries, but there have been several reports of extreme cases where men approached women on the street and asked to take off their underwear, sometimes by force or offering money for them.

Some professional thieves even break into houses, there was once a thief who was arrested for stealing 34 pairs of panties from a house. Imagine arriving home and knowing you will need to buy panties again? At least he didn't steal the TV and computer.

There have been cases of panty theft where the thief had accomplices even females. If you found 34 little panties, a person has already been arrested with more than 5000 panties in his house.

Why do Japanese steal panties?

Rules and Police against theft of panties

The problem is recognized, so much so that the police make efforts when it comes to chasing a thief in their underwear, something that usually doesn't happen in the West, where the police prefer not to exert much effort.

In Japan, there is a law to curb the specific theft of panties. whoever gets caught doing this go imprisoned for up to 10 years and pay 500,000 yen fine as the act is considered perversion and not just a simple theft of belongings.

Some laundries have rules regarding underwear, recommending that you do not leave your underwear in plain sight, even overnight in the laundry.

When using external drying clotheslines, women are also advised not to leave underwear or lingerie overnight, as they simply disappear, regardless of whether they live in an apartment or house.

When looking for a Koban to report the theft of panties, the police take the matter seriously, asking the color and size. Some officers can go to the crime scene and even make diagrams.

Why do Japanese steal panties?

Only Japanese steal panties?

It seems very unusual for Westerners for some men to steal underwear, but in fact this can also be somewhat unusual elsewhere.

By the way, perverted people exist everywhere. Probably what sets perverted Japanese apart from Westerners is the false morals the Japanese are used to following, so instead of raping innocent people, some are content to steal panties.

In the midst of discussions about underwear in Japan, I came across several people who lived in the United States complaining that their underwear was stolen from a Coin Laundry. In fact, when searching Google Images for panty thieves in English, I found almost no images of Japanese.

Perhaps crime is not very frequent in Brazil, because here nobody washes clothes in a public laundry and most houses are usually surrounded by walls. But what about countries without walls?

I also came across comments from Brazilians who claimed that other Brazilians stole their panties from the clothesline in Japan, which shows that it is not a fetish or something exclusive to Japanese.

Panchira, pantsu and shimapan - history of panties in japan

How to avoid having your panties stolen in Japan?

The obvious is not to leave them on the outside clothesline, most Japanese women know that, some try to hide their clothes with a towel, but thieves already know this trick, so there are still risks.

Generally, panty thieves steal more from homes and apartments than from the Coin Laundry itself, this happens a lot because Japanese people, accustomed to the peace of the country, leave their doors unlocked.

Maybe one of your neighbors is a panty thief, so be very careful. Any type of lingerie or bra is also subject to being stolen.

even in a onsen women need to be careful when leaving their panties in a basket. There have been many cases of men breaking into the women's locker room to steal their panties or even hiring other women to do this service.

The video below is English, but you can add a translated caption, it has some interesting data about panty thefts in Japan and other types of crimes: