Who is Yoriichi Tsugikuni from Demon Slayer?

Yoriichi Tsugikuni is one of the main supporting characters in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is the most famous demon hunter that existed nearly 500 years ago in Sengoku, the golden age of Oni hunters.

Being the founder of breathing styles and is also the one who invented Sun Breathing. Having as a brother Michikatsu Tsugikuni, who later became an Oni named Kokushibo, who ended up joining the Twelve Kizuki, occupying the position of Upper Moon 1.

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Yoriichi's Story

As a child, the series showed that he idolized his twin brother, Michikatsu, encouraging his brother to fulfill his dream of being the "World's Strongest Samurai“, but soon in the future that reached that rank was Yoriichi.

60 years later, Yoriichi found his brother, but he had become an Oni because he feared death. Yoriichi was totally devastated and pitied his brother for what he had become, especially when Yoriichi fought him. 

Despite his brother's betrayal, Yoriichi still had fond memories of him. At the age of 85, he had his last fight against his twin brother. And despite his extreme age and apparent blindness, he gained a quick advantage in the fight with just a single move, slashing his throat before dying without taking any hits.

Kokushibo himself admitted that if Yoriichi had delivered the second blow before he died, he would have defeated his brother.

- who is yoriichi tsugikuni from demon slayer?
Who is Yoriichi Tsugikuni from Demon Slayer?

Yoriichi's Powers

Yoriichi is by far the strongest known character in all of Demon Slayer history, as well as the most powerful swordsman and Demon Slayer, having been born with the Demon Hunter's Mark and being able to access the Transparent World.

Alone, Yoriichi managed to put Muzan Kibutsuji against the wall and left him on the verge of death, but he managed to escape. Yoriichi was so powerful that just saying his name was enough to make Muzan, the King of Demons, tremble in fear.

Crimson Red Nichirin Blade: Yoriichi was the first person to be able to turn his Nichirin Blade into Crimson Red. During combat, Yoriichi can dye his black sword crimson red at will, allowing him to hinder the enhanced regeneration of Demons, even the near-absolute regeneration of Muzan, such that it leaves permanent damage burned into his cells without them being able to. be healed!

Transparent World: Yoriichi has the ability to use the Transparent World since birth, which makes him suspect that he was gifted with the ability to defeat Muzan Kibutsuji, as this ability clashes with his advantage of having multiple organs, as Yoriichi can sense it. them and direct them to kill them easily.

Demon Hunter's Mark: Yoriichi is the progenitor of the Mark of the Demon Hunter. A special mark that appears on strong Demon Hunters. Its specific abilities are unknown, but it dramatically improves the users' abilities, increasing their strength and speed with a much faster reaction than usual.

- who is yoriichi tsugikuni from demon slayer?
Who is Yoriichi Tsugikuni from Demon Slayer?

The Breath of the Sun  

It was the first breath ever, created by Yoriichi himself. Eventually this would be called Hinokami Kagura or Dance of God of fire. The Breath of Water and all the others, for example, derive from the Breath of the Sun, which can be called the “original”. 

Using this breath, Yoriichi could perform 13 moves. Check it out below:

  1. Enbu – [円舞えんぶ] - Dance;
  2. Hekira no ten – [碧羅の天へきらのてん] – Clear Blue Sky;
  3. Reshijitsu koukyou – [烈日紅鏡れつじつこうきょう] – Furious Sun;
  4. Gennichikou – [幻日虹げんにちこう] – False Rainbow;
  5. Kasha – [火車かしゃ] - Fire Wheel;
  6. Shakkotsu enyou – [灼骨炎陽しゃっこつえんよう] – Burning bones, summer sun;
  7. Youkatotsu – [陽華突ようかとつ] – Sunflower Boost;
  8. Hirin kagerou – [飛輪陽炎ひりんかげろう] – Solar Heat Haze;
  9. Shayou tenshin – [斜陽転身しゃようてんしん] – Sunset transformation;
  10. Kiki onkou – [輝輝恩光ききおんこう] – Beneficent Radiance;
  11. Nichiun no ryuu kaburimai – [日暈の龍・頭舞いにちうんのりゅう かぶりまい] – Sun Dragon Halo Dance;
  12. Enbu – [炎舞えんぶ] - Dance;

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