Fandom – Something every fan should know – Meaning

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Do you know what Fandom is? Today everyone likes something, sometimes this generates curiosity and makes us seek more information about something we like. When we look for something we're fans of, we come across a kingdom.

The word fandom is the merger of two others: fan with kingdom. In literal translation, it would mean “The kingdom of fans”. O fandom it is a community, real or virtual, created by people with common hobbies and habits.

People always have this kind of behavior. and as the internet gives the opportunity, these people start to organize this information in one place. This behavior has become so popular that there is a type of host site only for Fandom sites.

Fandom - something every fan should know

exist fandoms various subjects, the most common ones related to anime and manga. There is also a very strong culture of fans of artists - most recently from YouTubers - who create a fan club. Some are sometimes so fanatical and go beyond the limits. That is the case of the old fandom of singer Justin Bieber.

Fandom - Curiosities

Although the term was used recently, the history of fan clubs begins in the 19th century. In 1893, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published the latest story related to his famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, but fans were unable to swallow the character's death.

Later, between 1897 and 1902, fans of literature began to write the first fanfics. Another term that arises from the fusion of two words: fan and fiction. They are unofficial stories made by fans.

Fandom - something every fan should know - meaning
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Over time, the fan club began to take on greater proportions in other cities. The first event created entirely by fans appeared: the World Science Fiction Convention, around 1939.

Even then, some words related to the fandom. One is the fanspeak (fan language in free translation).

Japanese culture and Fandom

In Japan, around the 70s, the fashion related to anime and manga began. Whereas in the same decade, science fiction dominated America.

Soon after, American fans of Japanese culture - manga in particular - started translating the manga to spread it among themselves. The reason was that Japanese comics were not marketed in the United States.

Fandom - something every fan should know

It was at that moment that the fans developed the fansubs. O fansub it currently consists of hundreds of people who translate manga and anime. All independently and without making money from practice. (Yes, we fans of anime, manga and Light Novels we have to thank a lot, but very much to these ancestors).

They are responsible for providing Japanese culture in our language. These are the most famous today, as they don't need a single anime and manga to focus on.

The benefits of a Fandom

Some of the activities among fandom are the development of narratives and cosplay - as well as the organization of major events. At fanfics are the stories written by fans about content. This usually happens due to the completion of a story, a movie or a series of books, for example.

The cosplayers they are people who are characterized by their favorite characters. They are the most common in anime and comic book conventions around the world.

Fandom - something every fan should know

But those who think that fans add nothing to the industry are mistaken. They move millions a year with the dissemination of anime and comic books at major conventions. In addition to keeping alive the passion and dedication for your favorite heroes and characters. Even the industry itself supports the fandom and encourages them by sponsoring events.

Other things about Fandom

Of course, not all are great, there will always be those smaller and lesser known except for the fans. Most Fandom are small and receive little attention. They exist mainly for references and provide information for fans of any work.

These minors, most of the time, are found on some internet site., for example, is a website that hosts a huge number of them. and it is the best known today. If a work has a Fandom it will certainly be there.

If you like a topic very much and want to develop, learn or share information about it, look for a fandom. I, for example, am always updating myself on my chinese novels.

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