The flags of the provinces of Japan

Japan has 47 prefectures or provinces that are made up of cities, towns and villages. Each of these provinces, cities, towns and villages has their own flags.

Just like the japan flag, the flags of the provinces are simple. Most have a background color, and a symbol or kanji (ideogram) that represents something from nature, seasons, animals, etc.

Flags design

Pay attention to the provincial flags below, let's talk a little about the design of some of them. There may be a slight color difference between the image flags and the actual flags.

The flags of Aichi, Fukuoka, Fukushima, Mie, Tokushima, Tottori and Toyama have the initial hiragana stylized as a symbol on the flag. Kōchi has the hiragana of とさ (shearing) which is the name of the ancient province. The Aichi flag has the stylization of the 3 h いち hiragana.


The flags of Akita, Hiroshima, Kagawa, Miyazaki, Nara and Wakayama have the first katakana of the name stylized on the flag. Fukui, Chiba and Shiga have the full name in katakana stylized on the flag. Shimane has the ata (ma) katakana stylized 4 times on his flag.

Tochigi has the kanji 栃 (Tochi) and 木 (GI) stylized on the flag. Yamaguchi and Ishikawa also have their kanji stylized on the flag. While the provinces of Iwate, Hyōgo, Kyoto, Okayama and Yamanashi have only the first kanji stylized on their flag.

The Yamagata flag has the design of 3 mountains. The flag also represents the Mogami River that flows through Yamagata province. The blue color of the flag represents the desire for peace, and white represents the snow and the purity of people.

Tokyo has a flag with a sun symbol that represents development, the background color purple, is a traditional color used in Edo. Tokyo also has another symbol or flag that looks a bit like a green ginkgo leaf that makes a T shape. .


The Shizuoka flag has a stylized Mount Fuji. Saitama's has sixteen magatama (ornamental spheres) that form and represent the sun, development and strength. The Osaka flag represents a gourd, the symbol of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Circles also means the letter S.

These are the designs of some of the flags of the provinces of Japan. What do you think of them? Leave your comments and share with friends.

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