Porco Rosso – Kurenai in Buta

Have you ever watched or heard of Porco Rosso (Kurenaino Buta) also titled ''The Last Romantic Hero or the Flying Pig''?

for those who like anime with heroes this is a good choice and the Porco Rosso is a different hero. In fact, he might even be considered a bounty hunter.

Porco Rosso is a feature-length anime that tells the adventures of a pig who is a pilot of a seaplane. The story takes place in Italy in the year 1920. Let's see details of this anime movie. Contains spoilers! 

Datasheet of pork rosso

Porco Rosso is based on the manga Hikōtei Jidai by Hayao Miyazaki, directed and written by Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli, released on July 18, 1992.

The genre of this feature film is adventure and lasts 1 hour and a half. The main cast consists of Shūichirō Moriyama, Tokiko Kato, Akemi Okamura and Akio Otsuka. The feature yielded US$ 59 million.

It is worth mentioning that the film of this work is available on Netflix.

Rosso pork – kurenai no buta

Who is Porco Rosso?

When we watch the movie, the first thing we want to know is why the main character looks like a pig. After all, during the anime we don't see other half-human and half-animal characters. 

But as the story unfolds, we get clues as to what the Pig was like before having these characteristics. His name is actually Marco Parrot. He was a former captain and serving in the Air Force in France. 

I imagined that throughout the anime film he would unravel what might have happened to him, but that doesn't happen. When asked by a character why he stayed that way, he simply explains that he doesn't know.

Apparently, Porco Rosso looks like a pig due to a curse, but he doesn't go into details, but shows some scenes of what his life in the air force was like before the curse. 

He lost all his friends and battle companions, only he survived and decided not to engage in battles to defend his homeland anymore. He becomes a bounty hunter. 

Rosso pork – kurenai no buta

Plot of pork rosso

The feature film, Porco Rosso is set against the Mediterranean sea. Seaplanes ruled the seas in this period. The Porco Rosso fought the sky pirates for his honor, money and everything he thought was worth it.

Porco Rosso has the same physical characteristics (apart from the face) and habits of humans. 

He has as a great friend Gina, owner and singer of the “Hotel Adriano” which serves as a meeting point for several seaplane pilots. She is loved and respected by everyone.

Gina has been married at least three times, but was left a widow. Even her last husband was very good friends with Porco Rosso at the time he worked in the Air Force. But he died in the last battle before Pig's transformation.

She has a secret crush on Porco Rosso, and has known him for many years since he was a normal human being. But he never realized that. 

In a fierce battle with sky pirates, Porco Rosso's seaplane is completely destroyed, so he heads to the only trusted place he knows, ''Piccolo''. This workshop takes its name from a friend who specializes in aircraft engines.

Piccolo only has women on its staff because men have been leaving town in search of jobs. Porco Rosso gets a certain prejudice because of this, especially when Fio, Piccolo's granddaughter, who is only seventeen, is responsible for renovating her plane.

Despite being reluctant, he allows it and the plane manages to work, but Fio decides to return with Porco Rosso to ensure the proper functioning of the seaplane.

Rosso pork – kurenai no buta

Upon returning they go to Pig's hideout only to be surprised by sky pirates wishing him dead. Fio manages to negotiate with them saying they must fight a fair seaplane, the bets are her hand in marriage to Curtis in case the Pig loses. and if Pig wins, enough money to pay his debts.

Donald Curtis accepted right away as he was impressed by Fio's beauty. He is an American and a talented driver. He is called in as additional help by Mama Aiuto to neutralize Porco Rosso. Mama Aiuto is chief of the sky pirates.

The dispute is fierce, but pig manages to win. and Ginny eventually appears on her plane to offer help, but he just hands her over to Fio so she can be taken to a civilized place.

Wire that starts narrating the movie after that. It shows a certain undefined passage of time and she says that she became good friends with Gina, became a great seaplane engineer and never heard from or seen Porco Rosso again.

Rosso pork – kurenai no buta

Reviews present in the anime movie

post war world – the film takes place and 1920 a war had just ended and nothing returned to normal, it was still common to see bombs and debris falling from the sky. But of course, as it is an animation, no emphasis was given to how this dark period really was and its difficulties in getting back on its feet.

Fascism – Porco Rosso speaks during the film ''I'd rather be a pig than be a fascist'' when called back to the air force. This makes it clear that this regime did harm to the entire population, perhaps meaning that because of them it ended up becoming a pig for refusing to serve the nation. 

hero deconstruction – The hero is a Pig who is also a bounty hunter who is not concerned with fitting the standards, but with keeping his hands free of blood. He's not the ''good guy'' at all. He is critical, drinks and smokes a lot

How women are seen in society – If currently the woman is forbidden to do much because of sex in this period then it was more complicated. In the seaplane workshop there were only women and Porco Rosso had to overcome prejudice and trust them. 

Seventeen-year-old Fio, an aircraft engineer, wore pants and, despite being very sweet, was decisive, intelligent and bully when necessary. Showing that a woman can perform roles aimed at men and receive recognition for it. 

Have you ever watched Porco Rosso? If so, what did you find most interesting about the movie?

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