The best sites and scans to read manga from brazil

In this article, we will recommend the main scans that do manga translation in Brazil and a complete list of sites for you to read your manga online.

Oriental culture would not be present in Brazil were it not for the immense number of fans who, whenever possible, are providing and promoting content of Japanese origin. Be read manga and novels or watching anime, that is also part of that culture immense.

In addition to the various sites that make anime available for free - but illegal, there are other sites on the internet that have manga for you to download or read online. Some are responsible for translating these mangas, others just distribute them.

Want to read? Isn't it better to buy?

Many manga nowadays are available for sale in Brazil, mainly on big sites like Amazon Brazil. Suki Desu has a great partnership with Amazon, so we always recommend manga for our readers.

Amazon's main advantage is its price far below newsstands. It is also possible to buy complete manga collections saving even more. The main advantage of having the manga in your home is the readiness you have.

In addition, you will have a beautiful ornament to show your friends. If you want to see some manga available on Amazon, you can click on some that I will present below, after you are inside the Amazon site for our indication, browse with affection!

Scanlations - They do everything for you to read manga

For you read mangas online, it must first be available online. Otherwise, a person must scan each page of the manga and make it available on the internet. Probably, the work will come with the original writing - Japanese. Then, someone else needs to translate it into Portuguese.

You may be thinking, “wow, what a long arduous process”. Indeed it is, but there are people who are responsible for your entertainment. There are, in fact, several groups that do this whole process.

The best sites and fansubs to read manga from Brazil

The famous fansubs they are responsible for subtitling anime, which can lead to considering such a word in the manga. Scans are responsible for scanning the manga while the translators do the translation and make the manga available to the public. The following are the top five scans Brazilian companies.

1. Union Manga

This is, without a doubt, one of the best sites that are on the air today. There are few advertisements on the main site, and when you are in the viewer, there will be many ads. The catalog is very extensive. For you, dear reader, to have a notion, One Piece is one of the manga series with more chapters. The site has them all.

If you are new to Japanese fictional historical universe, there is a tab on the right side of the site that shows the most read manga. A very interesting point of the site is that they have their own app. What makes up for the lack of downloading the manga files in pdf.

The only payment here is thanks for the effort and work.

The best sites and fansubs to read manga from Brazil

2. MangaHost

With the style of a site similar to that of Union Mangás, MangaHost is a beautiful site for you read mangas online.

There is a tab inside the main page with all categories and - consequently - the manga belonging to it. Another tab divides the manga according to the style of writing, because there are manga, morning, morning, novels, etc.

Recommended guide? It also has. On each page of the respective manga, there is a score ranging from one to five stars, where the site users themselves can rate them and leave their opinions.

Unlike Union Mangás, MangaHost does not have app for users. They offer chapter downloads - the entire volumes are not included because it would compromise the stability of the site.

The best sites and fansubs to read manga from Brazil

In return, they have the membership system. through a donation, you help collaborate with the maintenance of it, browse without advertisements, reading becomes faster than it already is and the download limit via the right link changes. Daily, you can download 100 chapters via the direct link.

3.Bhen-ta-i (+18)

If you are interested in reading different content - if you know what I mean, Bhen-ta-i is the right place for you. Here, in addition to read manga, you can also watch the hentao available in the catalog. (name was censored).

It has a vast catalog of manga in the style hentai - in case you are not familiar, they are Japanese adult stories +18. In this case, many people do not say "read mangas" but "read hentao". There you also have access to doujinshin hentao. O doujinshin it is an independent romance style.

The best sites and fansubs to read manga from Brazil

The site has some problems with reading in smartphones, the site is not well adapted for mobile browsers. There is also a lot of advertising involved in access.

4. NineManga

Website design is very simple, has some advertisements. Extensive catalog, available in several languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Italian. You are always receiving updates.

Reading manga on this site is relatively good if used on desktop computers. Otherwise, you will have some problems using it in the mobile version.

5. Crunchyroll

Yes, I know it's not a scans, neither is he Brazilian. The famous company crunchyroll that brings Japanese works to the West should be mentioned in this list, why? Simple, it is adapted to the English language. Therefore, we Brazilians do not suffer from the company's original English.

The best sites and fansubs to read manga from Brazil

Really, her only downside is the member system. Without this, the immensity of your corporation would not exist. There you will not just go read mangas, there are many anime available to you. The catalog is the largest of all within legal standards. They have a forum that is very active and filled with people just like you who enjoy the best of Japanese culture.

List of sites to read manga in English

To make the article even more complete, we are going to share a list of sites for you to read manga in English. Not all are scans, some are simply copy and paste sites.


The links below are for downloads:


Isn't reading manga online piracy?

We know that there are many people who just watch anime and do not usually read manga or novels. But that does not mean that the number of people who read the manga is less than that.

It is also important to note that we are not encouraging piracy. Much less do the Scans themselves make any apology. The fact is that very few manga and novels are licensed here in Brazil. Of course, we can't just buy one in English or Japanese.

The best sites and fansubs to read manga from Brazil

Thus, we can only adhere to illegality. But in this case, I'm a fan of Union Mangás in English and Mangarock and Mangakalot in English, I call this a license out of necessity.

After all, what would Japanese culture be like here in Brazil if we didn't have our Scans to translate our manga and anime. Despite all this, you can support the manga industry in Brazil by purchasing the available manga available.

In the newsstands and on the internet you will find countless manga officially translated to Brazil. THE AmazonBR is one of those sites that offer manga that are always on promotions. If you want to see these manga click here.

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