Yasakani no Magatama - Japan's sacred jewel

Just as we already have an article about the Mirror Yata no Kagami, there is nothing more fair than talking about the other treasures. In fact, we are talking about the three sacred treasures of Japan's Imperial Regala. Which are, the mirror Yata no Kagami, the Yasakani jewel in the Magatama and the Kusanagi Sword.

We already have an article talking about the mirror, so now let's talk about the Yasakani jewel in the magatama. But before we start, we have to give a brief introduction on the subject of Magatama.

For those who don't know, magatama is a kind of jewel that has a specific shape. It has been made since ancient times in Japan. But it is unclear where it originated. but it has become very important and valuable to Japanese society over time.

Yasakani no magatama - the sacred jewel of japan


Kojiki and Nihon Shoki are two collections of Japanese stories. These books tell tales and history that serve as the basis for many aspects of Japanese society and its traditions and culture. for example, Nihon Shoki, largely describes the mythology of Japan.

They were completed in the 8th century, they are nothing less than the most important books in the country. They have numerous references to magatama. For example, in the first chapter of Nihon Shoki we already see one.

In this chapter, it is mentioned that Susanoo, god of the sea and storms, received five hundred magatamas. Which were given to him by Tamanoya no mikoto, or Ame-no-Futodama-no-mikoto, the deity who made jewelry.

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Susanoo went to heaven and introduced them to his sister, the sun goddess, Amaterasu. Amaterasu then divided the magatamas into equal parts and blew them out to create other deities. In the legend, Amaterasu later, for some reason, closes himself in a cave.

Ama-no-Koyane-no-mikoto, so he thought of a way to lure Amaterasu out of the cave. She then hung a magatama, among other objects, on a five hundred branch sakaki tree. And so he managed to attract Amaterasu out of the cave.


Yasakani no Magatama

So, let's introduce Yasakani to Magatama. As we have already said, this is one of the three sacred treasures that are part of the Imperial Regalia of Japan. An important thing to know, is the importance that swords, mirrors and jewelry had.

For example, these things were so important that they ended up becoming something like a nameplate. These objects were commonly used to demonstrate status for regional rulers in Japan. This practice emerged in the Yayoi period, but was even more widespread in the Kofun period.

Yasakani no magatama - the sacred jewel of japan

Yasakani in Magatama is stored in Kashiko-dokoro. This is the central shrine of the Three Palace Shrines at Tokyo Imperial Palace. which is used in the enthronement ceremony of the Emperor of Japan.


According to legend, this Yasakani in the Magatama, was the stone that, along with other objects, attracted Amaterasu to the cave. And in turn, it was given by Amaterasu to his grandson, Ninigi-no-mikoto together with the other two treasures. This happened when he was sent to pacify Japan.

After a while, Ninigi passed the treasures to his great-grandchild, Jimmu. He happened to be the first emperor of Japan. That is, he was almost a direct descendant of the goddess Amaterasu. But let's not go into details about offspring.

Is Yasakani no Magatama lost?

Daniel Clarence Holtom made a statement in 1928 at Japanese enthronement ceremonies. He stated that of the three treasures of the imperial regalia, only Yasakani no Magatama exists in its original form.

It is speculated that replicas of the sword and mirror were made as early as the 9th century. The originals were entrusted to other shrines. Theories are many, and the versions of what happened are many. But nobody has so far proved anything.

The maximum we can say is that these are treasures of a country that is one of the greatest world powers. If your treasures were easy to find, they would be stolen quickly. So what we are talking about is just speculating.

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