List of anime similar to Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is one of the most popular magic anime of all time, if not the most popular. Are there similar anime with similar stories and themes? Today we are going to list some anime that look like Fairy Tail.

Reminding readers of Suki Desu that we already have an article talking about fantasy anime. Some anime mentioned in this article may be a little obvious, since the vast majority are quite famous.

Remembering that Fairy Tail is not popular for its magic, but for its adventure, action and complex history. That is why the anime listed in this article are not necessarily all with magic.

Magi: The labirynth of magic

When we talk about anime similar to Fairy Tail, the first that comes to mind is Magi, precisely because it also has magic as its theme. The anime mixes popular stories from Aladin and Alibaba.

The anime tells the story of Aladdin who leaves his home to explore the world with his mentor Ugo. Aladdin befriends Alibaba and both decide to conquer the mazes called Dungeons.

There are several dungeon mazes around the world, they were created by wizards known as Magi. In the labyrinths are Djinns who are the creatures that grant power to those who complete them.

A-1 Pictures - 2012 - 25 episodes - MAL score: 8.23

List of anime similar to fairy tail

Hunter x Hunter - Another complete universe

My favorite anime, with a complete and unique universe, considered one of the best anime of all time by many. The anime has two versions, the most recent with 148 episodes and adapting the best arcs of the manga.

The synopsis of the anime is very simple, concentrates on the story of Gon, a fun boy who is curious about his father's whereabouts. To find him he participates in a competition to become a Hunter.

Hunter are hunters who have perks around the world, as if they have an unlimited passport and a river of opportunities and tools. Becoming a Hunter is not an easy mission, in fact only the best can do it.

The anime starts showing Gon and his new friends during this rigorous examination that leads to the death and despair of many participants. Then the anime stretches out into different complex arcs full of action and things we didn't imagine during the simple Hunter exam.

List of anime similar to fairy tail

Rave Master - From the creator of Fairy Tail

We cannot fail to mention the predecessor of Fairy Tail called Rave Master, Hiro Mashima's previous work. Just by watching you find many similarities in art, traits, characters and mascots.

Both stories involve a lot of magic, with the hero and other characters having their own specific powers. Stark similarities are noted between Haru and Ellie with Natsu and Lucy.

Like Fairy Tale, Rave Master mixes elements of action, comedy, romance and more in a Shounen anime. Without a doubt, if you love Fairy Tail, you will also like the Rave Master.

Studio Deen - 2001 - 51 episodes - MAL score: 7.35

List of anime similar to fairy tail

One Piece - the biggest of the best

One Piece is probably the anime most like Fairy Tail. Unfortunately many do not attend due to its gigantic size of 800 episodes, where they claim to be far from over.

Luffy is a lot like Natsu, both are starving, carefree and smart. In addition to the similarity in personality, both continually improve their skills to defeat increasingly strong enemies.

The straw hat pirates of Luffy are as much fun as the members of the Fairy Tail Guild, and the One Piece style is also visually similar. What do you think of giving the pirate king a chance?

Toei Animation - 1999 + 800 episodes and in release - MAL score: 8.57

List of anime similar to fairy tail

Shaman King

This anime is a little old but has similarities to the style of Fairy Tail. Yoh Asakura, a shaman who wants to become the Shaman King. A battle is held every 500 years between competing shamans to claim the title.

Yoh embarks on a journey to meet other shamans and do battle, in which he uses a combination of weapons, onmyoji magic and summoning spirits. Yoh meets many friends and allies along the way as well as in Fairy Tail.

It is a little different from anything else you have watched, while it is still similar to other Shounen anime. The special powers and interesting cast are sure to appeal to Fairy Tail fans.

Xebec - 2001 - 64 episodes - Score in MAL: 7.83

List of anime similar to fairy tail

Nanatsu no Taizai

Nanatsu is undoubtedly one of the most recommended anime when the story is powerful protagonist, magic, fights and demons. The anime takes place in a world similar to the European Middle Ages.

In Nanatsu no Taizai the Holy Knights of Britannia use magic to protect the region of Britannia. However, a small subset of the Knights allegedly betrayed their homeland.

They were defeated by the Holy Knights, but rumors continued to persist that these legendary knights, called "Seven Deadly Sins", were still alive. The anime focuses on these knights.

A-1 Pictures - 2014 - 24 episodes - MAL score: 8.38

List of anime similar to fairy tail

Full Metal Alchemist

One of my favorite anime and it was the first anime I watched. Anime has its own universe based on alchemy, where the protagonists and villains seek the creation of a philosopher's stone to carry out their plans.

The protagonist Edward loses his arm and his brother when trying to resurrect his mother. He seals his brother Alphonse's soul in an Armor. Both join the army in order to research and find the philosopher's stone.

In the midst of this comes a lot of mystery, epic battles, charismatic characters and a perfect combination of action, comedy and romance. Without a doubt, everyone who watched Fairy Tail will love it Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Bones - 2009 - 64 episodes - MAL score: 9.25

List of anime similar to fairy tail

Soul Eater

The Soul Eater takes place at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, where teams of a humanoid weapon can transform to collect the souls of evil humans.

The Meister Academy certainly works similarly to the Fairy Tail Guild, and the partnership between Maka and her Soul Eater scythe is reminiscent of Natsu and Lucy.

The cast of Soul Eater is incredibly strange and quirky, and the anime uses it for comic effects, just like Fairy Tail. Maka and Soul Eater are always looking forward to a good fight.

Bones - 2008 - 51 episodes - MAL score: 8.06

List of anime similar to fairy tail

Ao no Exorcist

Ao no Exorcist follows Rin Okumura who has his world turned upside down when he finds out that he is Satan's own son and that his father wants him to return so they can conquer Assiah together.

Not wanting to join the king of Gehenna, Rin decides to start training to become an exorcist so that he can fight to defend Assiah alongside his brother Yukio.

For that he chooses to enter a specialized school to train exorcists. and in that school if your brother is going to be your teacher.

A-1 Pictures – 2011 – 25 episodes – Rating on MAL: 7.90

List of anime similar to fairy tail


Kazuma Satou dies and is reincarnated by a beautiful goddess but called Aqua in a fantasy world. In this world he needs to work to pay for this opportunity, things do not happen as he imagines.

First he was given the opportunity to choose an item to help him on his mission in the new world. Enchanted by the beauty, he chooses the Aqua Goddess, but she is kind of useless, which leads to a super comical adventure.

The anime has a lot of comedy and its main theme is a world of magic. This is very similar to Fairy Tail. Some dare to say that Konosuba is far superior to Fairy Tail, being one of the best comedy anime.

Studios Deen - 2016 - MAL score: 8.18

List of anime similar to fairy tail

Other anime similar to Fairy Tail

To finish the article, let's leave a complete list of popular anime or ones that have similarities to Fairy Tail for you to take a look at yourself. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you liked it, share and leave your comments!

  • Naruto;
  • Bleach;
  • Danmachi;
  • Kuroshitsuji;
  • God eater;
  • Shingeki no bahamut;
  • Akame ga kill;
  • Shakugan no shana;
  • Natsume yuujinchou;
  • Drifters;
  • Shingeki no kyojin;

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