5 beauty tricks a Japanese woman would give you

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The Japanese are known for having a flawless skin. Even the oldest ones often appear to be the age of their daughters. So it is a difficult task to determine how old an oriental woman is.

The secret, however, is not just in the origins. Unlike Western women, Japanese women know from an early age that they must take care of their health. Just as important as choosing a beautiful outfit is preserving natural beauty. Check out some tricks com you can learn from these women!

5 beauty tricks a Japanese woman would give you

1 - Food

Although everyone knows that a balanced diet [1] contributes to having a good appearance, many still do not put it into practice. In the case of Japanese women, a balanced diet is a reality.

On their plate there are always vegetables, greens, fruits and, especially, fish — rich in Omega 3 and which prevents the inflammatory processes that contribute to aging. In addition, their diet is low in processed foods and saturated fat.

Another positive aspect provided by this quality food it's longevity. People who follow the rules of the National Center for Global Health [2] in Tokyo are 15% less likely to die. 

2 - Cleaning

One of the Japanese customs that help them to have beautiful skin is the daily cleaning. Even when they don't wear makeup or leave the house, women usually wash their face at least twice a day.

The habit helps to avoid the accumulation of dirt and, consequently, the emergence of carnations and pimples.

3 - Massage

Another trick that the Japanese have adopted for some time is the facial massage. The simple touch all over the face improves blood circulation, relaxes the skin and can even prevent expression lines.

The interesting thing is that this massage can be done by the person in front of the mirror. It only takes a few minutes of self-care daily to realize in the medium and long term how beneficial the practice is.

Of course, the daily touch on the face will not diminish existing wrinkles. However, it can reduce the chances of new ones appearing or, at least, disguise them in a natural way, without needing plastic surgery.

5 beauty tricks a Japanese woman would give you

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4 - Cosmetics

Although they are adept at various natural methods — food and massage, for example — Japanese women also use everyday cosmetics. However, they are very judicious in this matter and rarely use a product just because all their friends are using it.

In Brazil it is also possible to follow this custom. First, it is important to research which are the best options for your skin type. This can be done online, as well as searching for available cosmetics. The popular Avon magazines [3] and other famous brands have a digital version, which facilitates the daily lives of consumers. In these catalogs, it is possible to check several products separated by the people who may be interested in them.

In addition to researching what they want to use, Japanese women respect the order in which each product is used. A face cream, for example, is only used after the skin has been cleansed. That is, they strictly follow a ritual to keep their appearance the way they want.

5 - Teas

The consumption of teas is quite common in Japan and no wonder. The hot drink can guarantee numerous health and well-being benefits, including appearance.

The green tea, for example, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. So much so that it is also used in face masks. In the case of the drink, its intake can protect the body from free radicals and prevent premature aging. 

Despite Brazil being so far from Japan, it is possible to learn from this ancient culture how to take care of your own body. Good habits support health, increase well-being and ensure you look better naturally.


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