Plagiarism happening on Youtube and internet

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In these last few weeks some youtubers are being unmasked for copying content in the face of other gringo youtubers and without adding credits. So far I think these are common things that happen today on the internet, but there are some factors that we need to discuss.

Unfortunately plagiarism doesn't just happen on youtube, there is a Facebook page called Nihon Sekai that unabashedly copies the images I created and posted without giving credit. Because of an image of mine that was shared on a large page, his page grew more than mine while mine gets stuck on the 50,000 likes. This makes me more angry! I could be with those 88,000 ...

When I started the site I admit that some articles were translated from foreign sites, some were even identical, but I had no idea how things worked. Currently I still borrow from some external sources, however I only read and write in my own words and in my own way from various external sources, and whenever possible I try to cite the sources.

Plagiarism happening on youtube and internet

The case of Matthew Hwang

Going back to talking about YouTubers that copy content, the first one was Mateus Hwang. Several small channels usually copy and re-upload the full video from other channels, but Matheus has 700,000 subscribers, and the worst he lied to subscribers saying he plays instruments like piano, keyboard and organ.

The video below shows evidence that he blatantly copied. Obviously any intelligent person notices that he doesn't show the instrument when he introduces himself for the first time, saying that he doesn't have the instrument. Then it appears with several videos and each one with a different piano? Is he a millionaire to have that many pianos? Where have you seen Cover without showing the instrument?

Worst of all is his reaction after being unmasked, he makes a video sarcastically self-destructing. Then he makes another video trying to expose another youtuber who copies gringo content to avoid guilt.

What I wonder is why does a self-deprecating channel with random videos with no content get 700,000 subscribers? It’s okay if it’s funny or the guy is good people, but I get thoughtful about what gets in the minds of Brazilians. Fun and comedy is good, but Brazil needs a lot of knowledge to evolve!

The case of Satty from Think Geek

In the same week, a famous YouTuber with more than 600,000 subscribers and who has participated in several channels and is famous for cosplaying, is accused of copying almost completely the content of foreign channels for her video.

The young woman named Mariana Delveccio has a channel related to anime, she basically copies the entire script and even the thumbnail of videos from other successful gringo channels.

I'll be honest, I believe that everyone or youtuber uses to copy ideas or at least titles from gringos videos to go viral, but they at least try to change and do something original, which wasn't the case with Satty. The video below shows more about this:

It would be nice if she apologized and credited the sources of inspiration. But she was very lost (poor thing), she made a video response trying to exonerate herself and making excuses that the content was coincidence and inspired by articles from sites like goboiano and quora.

After all the hate that she suffered, unfortunately she seems to have deleted the videos from the channel and her social networks and has not given any further response. It must be a difficult time for her life that makes everyone think about Plagium!

What to do against plagiarism?

I can't do anything with the images that Nihon Sekai copied from me, since I didn't put watermarks or anything like that myself.

For this reason always put watermarks and cite sources of inspiration to avoid problems. Be very careful with images, because I've already been fined because of an image of maids, so I intend to go to Japan as soon as possible so we can use our own original photos.

What do you think about plagiarism and copyright issues? If you liked the article share it and leave your comments.

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