Kawaii Cute Japanese Names - Female and Male

In this article, we will share a list of Japanese names that are cute or Kawaii (Japanese word for cute). We will use a variety of cuteness criteria, including Japanese criteria. The list of names below will have cute female and male names.

This article was by no means easy to do, as when searching for cute Japanese names, we only found random lists of common names. I don't want to do more of the same, so I had to do a lot of research in limbo. Thank you for sharing!

We have already written several articles and lists about names that can be read on our Japanese Names Guide. If this list is not enough, this guide may be of great help to the reader. Hope you like it!

How to choose a Kawaii Name?

Choosing a Kawaii or Cute name is not an easy task. We recommend that, first of all, you have a basic understanding of the meaning of the word kawaii. After that, we can really understand how to choose a cute name.

Usually a cute name is composed of ideograms that resemble cute and beautiful things, like flowers, fruits, animals, repetition of syllables, onomatopoeia and others. You may want to use these requirements to choose a cute Japanese name.

Generally female names alone are already cute, since the vast majority have ideograms of love, child, flower, beauty and others. Of course they are common names that don't stand out so much in their cuteness. Throughout this article you will learn much more.

Other ways to make a cute name can be by:

  • Sound names are cuter;
  • Name the month or season of birth in the name;
  • Use an unusual and old-fashioned name;
  • Names written in Hiragana are popular and cute;
  • Foreign names can also sound cute;
  • Two-syllable names are the most popular;
  • Names with three syllables can sound beautiful;
Kawaii cute japanese names - female and male
Will you choose a cute name for your child?

Cute names according to the Japanese

A survey was conducted in high school to understand which names Japanese people find the cutest and which criteria were used. The research begins by saying which names sounded cute to the students, see what the young people said:

16-year-old boys said the names Mei [芽郁] and Kotoha [琴葉] are cute and stylish. Another 17-year-old boy found the name Ichika [一花] cute, simple and elegant, just a flower. The 17 and 16 year old girls chose Yume [結愛] and Kanon [花音].

According to the research, another thing that makes Japanese names cute and beautiful is the combination of beauty ideograms [美] in names like Mio, Mika, Mirei and Kotomi. Flower names were also mentioned in the survey.

Old-fashioned names that are familiar to the Japanese are popular. Names that directly convey three phonemes in a single ideogram are considered cute. We have the cases of Miyabi [雅], Tsumugi [紬] and Aoi [葵].

Popular names associated with nature that have a warm and gentle image as Shizuku, Kaede and Miku. Names with bright images that use bright ideograms like Ayumi, Miyuu, Asahi and Kana.

Girl Power names were also mentioned in the survey, those that make a woman look strong and sparkling as Airi, Reindeer and Karen. Strong names like Hiyori, Tsubaki and Nanase. Also kind names like Hina and Manaka.

Kawaii cute japanese names - female and male
Cute kids deserve cute names

Japanese Flower Names

It is common for Japanese people to choose flower names to place their babies and pets. Names related to flowers are also popular due to the idea of "being bright and splendid like a flower".

Some of these names have only one ideogram, others try to make the phoneme of the flower with different ideograms. Generally flower names are mostly feminine. Here are some Japanese flower names:

  • Hana [花] - It means Flower;
  • Sakura [桜] - Cherry tree;
  • Tsubaki [椿] - Camellia;
  • Saki [咲] - Bloom;
  • Yuzu - [柚] - Type of Lemon;
  • Momo [桃] - Peach;
  • Ayame [菖] - Iris;
  • Anzu [杏] - Damascus;
  • Sumire [菫] - Violet;
  • Minori [実] - Seed, Fruit, Nut;
  • Tsubomi [蕾] - Bud (from plants);
  • Shizuku [雫] - Drip;
  • Momiji [椛] - Autumn Foliage, Birch, Maple;
  • Kiri [桐] - Paulownia;
  • Nazuna [薺] - Pastor’s bag;

Do not think that just because there is a lemon on the list, that the name is masculine. Usually the names of flowers are feminine and for women. There are many other flower names and their meanings that you can see in our article on Hanakotoba.

Other cute female Japanese flower names are: Karin, Ayame, Shion, Momiji, Momoka, Anna and Serika. Now, the most popular kanji used to refer to cute girls is laughs []. The name Riko, for example, ranked 4th in the cute name category in 2017.

These are names of jasmine flower which in Japanese is called Matsurika [茉莉花], we have several options like Mari, Marikan, Risa, Yuri, Rio, Marino, Karina and others. The same may apply with other ideograms in this article.

Kawaii cute japanese names - female and male
Flowers are pure cuteness!

Japanese Names Associated with Sound and Music

Many of the beautiful words that have been transmitted in Japan since ancient times are associated with sound and music, so they are a good choice for cute and kawaii female names.

For example, the koto [琴], a traditional Japanese musical instrument shows all the delicacy and skill of the Japanese with music. Other ideograms that fit a cute name include the sound ideogram oto [音] or song [歌]. Here are a few:

  • 美琴 (Mikoto)
  • 琴音 (Kotone)
  • 朱音 (Akane)
  • 歌子・詩子 (Utako)
  • 響子 (Kyouko)
  • 律子 (Ritsuko)
  • 琴都音 (Kotone)
  • 天舞音 (Amane)
  • 由歌里 (Yukari)
  • 詩津歌 (Shizuka)
  • Oka 乃歌 (Honoka)
Kawaii cute japanese names - female and male
Even Japanese sweets are cute

Short and easy cute Japanese names

The Japanese names below are short and easy. Some names in the list below may be unisex or sound better as male names. They are unusual names that refer to a certain Japanese word or ideogram.

  • 安 (An)
  • 純 (Juun)
  • 優 (Yuu)
  • 恵 (Kei)
  • 塁 (King)
  • 聖 (I know)
  • 怜 (King)
  • 晴 (Haru)
  • 茗 (Mei)
  • 尚 (Shou)
  • 藍 (Ran)

Something that makes the name cute and beautiful is its writing, so today many write their names using Hiragana or Katakana, as they are more beautiful and less complicated. Simplicity has everything to do with cuteness. So here are some Kanji names with few easy-to-write strokes:

  • 司 (Tsukasa)
  • 央 (Hiro)
  • 永 (hey)
  • 夕 (Yuu)
  • 才 (Mitsu)
  • 光 (Hikari)
  • 七 (Nana)
Kawaii cute japanese names - female and male
Speaking of cute anime, we have Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Cute Japanese names using parents' names

The Japanese syllabary allows us to take the initials or ending parts of the parents' names and put them together to form a new name that can sound cute and cute. Here are some examples of parents who put their daughters' names using their initials:

  • THE”By Akira +“IFrom Mai → Ai
  • Ka”By Kazuki +“At”From Naho → Kana
  • Ya”By Tatsuya +“Mi”By Miiko → Miya
  • Ki”By Taiki +“Natsu”(Hand name) → Natsuki

You can also take the initial or final ideograms of a parent's name to create the child's name, but you don't necessarily need to use the same phonemes. If the name doesn't make any sense, there are thousands of ways to read an ideogram.

Japanese names are endless, which increases cuteness. Perhaps the article on the meaning of Japanese names can help you decide ideograms and names for your child. We also recommend the video below:

Cute Male Japanese Names

The criteria for Japanese male names that are cute may differ from female ones. No man will want to have the name of a flower or something feminine, but there are a lot of masculine names that may sound cute, especially for girls.

  • Akira - clear and bright;
  • Daiki - This name in Japanese means born to great glory;
  • Eiji - A popular name for the second child, means prosperity, peace and eternity;
  • Eriko - Kid;
  • Ren (蓮) - Lotus;
  • Hiroto (大翔) - Great flight;
  • Haruto (陽翔) - Good flight;
  • Minato (湊) - Protected Port
  • Yuma (悠真) - Calm Truth
  • Riku (俐空) - Wise Heaven
  • Kaito - Among pear trees
  • Asahi - Morning sun

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