How to protect your Mac?


Apple may not dominate the personal computer industry, a reality since Steve Jobs was alive, but it certainly has a considerable share of this market. We are not here to enter into the discussion of which personal computer is better, but we have to admit that Apple is a giant in this sector. If you are one of the millions of users who have a Mac at home, keep reading because we are going to give you important tips on how to protect your device. 

Avoid installing programs from unknown or suspicious sources 

If you have a common mistake that Mac users make is believing that viruses and malicious programs are a reality exclusive to Windows products. The truth is that malicious programs exist for Mac as well. The good news is that if you are strict with the programs you install on your Mac, the chances of compromising are low. But what does strict mean? We are talking about installing programs from official and reliable sources. No downloading and installing programs from an unknown company. 

Como proteger o seu mac?

Pay attention to programs that start with your Mac 

Avoiding installing programs from unknown or suspicious sources is not enough to prevent malicious programs from being installed on your device. Malicious programs can go undetected in several ways. For example, a malicious program can be attached to a program from a trusted source. Therefore, it is necessary to take an extra security measure. Check the programs that start with the operating system and check all strange and unknown names on the internet. One of these may be a virus or similar. 

Como proteger o seu mac?

Update your Mac regularly 

Many people hate to see the notification screen asking to make updates available. There is no reason for that, the update does not take long and does not even prevent you from using your Mac normally. An update may be about correcting a serious problem or a failure to security that is already being exploited by hackers. It's an article on how to update your Mac. 


Use a VPN 

VPN is the acronym for virtual private network. It is like a private tunnel on a public road. For example, the internet is the public highway, while the VPN acts as a private tunnel. Try one of the best VPN for Mac and you will be guaranteeing a very high level of privacy. VPN gained even greater popularity due to events that forced people to work from home. It turns out that whoever is working on the Home Office model usually needs to hold meetings, access company servers and other activities that use the internet, an unreliable public network. The VPN appears to bring more security to these activities. 

Como proteger o seu mac?

Use a good antivirus on your Mac 

Another common misconception of Apple users in general is to believe that it is not necessary to use a good antivirus program. It is true that most viruses are made for Windows platforms, but that does not mean that you are completely safe just by using an Apple product. Check out this link: #. In it you will see which are the best antivirus programs for Mac, whether paid or free. 

Final considerations 

Well, those were the tips to protect your Mac. Not all of them are applicable in all cases, after all, not everyone needs a VPN. But the important point is: If you use the tips that apply to you, the chances of getting extremely protected are quite high.  

Ultimately, you will realize that the level of protection you need is directly linked to the types of activities you do with your Mac. People who use the Mac for leisure and study do not need the same level of protection as people who use the Mac for work, banking and so on.