How to get Passport and Japanese Visa - Video

Before taking off and traveling it is necessary to organize documentation. It may seem a little boring and it is. But with the tips that I will pass on to you in the video, everything will be easier and even fun.

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Steps you need to take before you have a Japanese visa.

Necessary documents:
1. Valid passport (and previous passports with a Japanese visa)
2. Printed VISA REQUEST FORM TO ENTER JAPAN digitized or filled in with capital letters
3. A recent 4.5 X 4.5 cm or 3.0 X 4.0 cm photo (taken no more than 6 months ago), with a white background and no date
4. Copy of the round-trip ticket reservation, departing from Brazil (individual for each passenger)
5. Certified copy of the identity card (SSP), or CNH, or original with copy
6. Copy of the Individual Income Tax return (all pages, including delivery receipt)
7. Documents that prove the purpose of the trip (In this case, your travel schedule)

travel schedule link:

Additional considerations. I noticed that it’s a lot, isn’t it? But trust me, if you persist and go for it will be very worth it. In addition, there is a book that will help you do well in Japan (just sign up on the website).

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