How are gas stations in Japan?

Japan was once a country full of gas stations, in the 1990s you were faced with a team of uniformed attendants, both men and women who refueled your car, cleaned your windshield, collected your trash all in style and with care. big smile on his face.

But currently most posts are self-service Open 24/7, where you yourself have the experience of filling your vehicle. The stations keep all the technology and convenience, but they are decreasing. Today there are more points to recharge electric and hybrid vehicles than gas stations.

Self-service gas stations are indicated by the writing セルフ (serufu) on some sign at the entrance to the site. The machine will be your assistant, and will guide you step by step how to fill your car. If you still have problems, there should probably be an assistant on site. You can pay with cash, card or gas station card that offers some benefits.

Japan had a huge drop in gas stations, in 1994 it had 60,421 stations and currently has approximately 35,000. This is all due to electric and hybrid cars, and the ease of public transport such as trains circulating all over the country.

Gas price

Gas stations in Japan have the Common Gasoline, also known as regular (レギュラー), 4 stars (higher octane) called ハイオク and light or diesel oil (軽油). Some famous Japanese outlets are: ENEOS, Esso, Mobil, UnyOil and Shell.

Since 2014 regular gasoline has dropped in price from 160 yen to 100 and it is now possible to find several gas stations for less than 100 yen.ハイオク can be found a little more expensive around 100 yen. Meanwhile, Diesel remains in the range of 80 yen.

The video below from our partner ONLY in JAPAN explains in detail the question of gasoline prices in Japan and how to refuel in a self-service.



Going a bit to the Japanese side, we will leave some common expressions at the gas station to help you fill up your car, in case you drive one in Japan in the future. Most of the phrases below you will find at self-service gas stations.

ガソリンスタンド“Gasorinsuting” Gas station
満タン“Mantan” Fill the tank
現金で“Genkin's” Pay with cash
クレジットカードで“Kurejito Kaado de” Credit card
灰皿“Haizara” Ashtray
ガソリン / レギュラー“Gasorin / regyurā”  Ordinary gasoline
ハイオク“Haioku”  Petrol 4 stars
軽油 - Keiyu  diesel oil

I hope you enjoyed this short article. Finally, we will leave another video showing a little more about the self-service station.

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