Goku’s Day: The influence of anime in Japan

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In Japan, drawings are taken seriously! There is even a special date that proves this. May 9th is Goku's day (悟空の日). Yes, a day dedicated to the main character of the Manga and Anime of the Dragon Ball franchise.

This day was made official in 2015, during an event promoting the film “Dragon Ball Z: The Renaissance of F”. At this event, the official voice actress of Goku in Japan, Masako Nozawa (who was named as the "mother" of Dragon Ball) was present.

Toy Animation had been making an effort, together with the Japanese Birthdays Association (日本記念日協会), to recognize the date, since in 2016, the year following the tribute, the 30th anniversary of the first exhibition on TV's anime in Japan (it was shown on February 26, 1986).

As with May 4th, Star Wars Day (May / 4th: May the “4th” be with you), May 5th provides, in Japanese, a pronunciation similar to the character's name: 5/9 : 五 (Go: five) and 九 (Ku: nine).

A little about fame

Dragon Ball's numbers are impressive. There are 42 volumes in manga. The anime has almost 800 episodes (adding classic Dragon Ball, Z, GT, Kai and Super). About 30 films, eggs and specials, a hundred games, music that marked childhood and thousands of licensed products make this anime has become part of many people's lives.

Who has never tried using a Goku technique? Be a “Kamehameha”; tried to fly by concentrating the "ki"; tried to replicate the teleportation technique or else; transform into a Super Saiyan.

Even with the end of the anime, in 1997 in Japan, a legion of fans maintained its success for almost 20 years without news, however, since June 2015, the “Super” phase has been missing the longest fans and getting new ones . The series already has more than 80 episodes aired in Japan (in Brazil, the episodes are aired officially on Churchroll, the “Netflix” of anime), with no end in sight.

Today there are a lot of channels on YouTube that talk exclusively about Dragon Ball. The channel Discovering Japan has a promotion to celebrate Goku's day:

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