Best Series of Classic Anime on Netflix

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⭐ Are you a big anime fan looking for exciting series? We've compiled a selection of the best Netflix anime series that will delight the world.

Best Netflix Anime Shows In Genre Classics

Today anime is a source of inspiration for many writers, designers, musicians, architects, directors. In its homeland of Japan, anime has become popular due to its availability. Animators can easily show spectacular events through this art form. Yet anime is an infinitely complex art form: even at first glance, poorly created projects with a minimalist contribution to animation are filled with creative ideas, artistic techniques, traditions belonging to Japan.

Perhaps you are now wondering if you should start watching anime? Probably many of you are familiar with this art form through Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, or Sailor Moon. They are brilliant shows, but they are just the equivalent of the blockbusters or cartoons shown as children after school. Therefore, we decided to help you a little and suggest serials to start your hobby for this art form.

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The best classic anime on Netflix

Tokyo Ghoul

What is the best anime series on Netflix? Anime lovers are called Tokyo Ghoul. Many anime directors create strange, supernatural, unique demons or creatures. In this case, the name indicates a ghoul: a type of vampire that differs from a person not only by long fangs. In the first episode, the main character, Ken Kaneki, is taken to the hospital, where the organs of this creature are transplanted to him. Now he is a half-ghoul who is trying to become his own for both people and ghouls. It sounds very simple, but that's before you watch and realize how carefully the show interprets this idea.

Japan Sinks: 2020

What is the top 10 best anime? Our selection includes Japan Sinks. It originally came out in 1973 and is considered an important cultural artifact. The anime has been adapted many times, but the latest version of Netflix, created by the same animator who gave us The Devil Man, brings the story back to our day. A tragic earthquake occurs here after the end of the Tokyo Olympics. This series is filled with unique emotions, where people try to be positive even though death follows them. This anime is great for fans of hardcore drama like The Walking Dead.

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Sword Art Online

Fans of MMORPG games are surprised that there are too few anime series based on these games in the anime culture. The point is, any other filmmaker cannot surpass Sword Art Online. According to the plot of the series, two users of the game of the same name are locked in it by a sinister developer and are forced to make their way through the dungeon to escape. Those who die in the game also die in real life. Developers created Sword Art Online nine years ago, and this series is worth watching because it embodies good classic animation.

Your Lie in April

According to the audience reception, Your Lie In April is a great anime to watch on Netflix. Kousei Arima is an incredibly intelligent guy who can't accept his mother's death. He fears he'll never love music again, but gets inspired after meeting the violinist Kaori. And then we see a romantic story in which music is seen from a beautiful and melancholic side.

The 64 most beautiful anime of all time

Food Wars

Food Wars is another good Netflix anime as thousands of anime fans have chosen it. Food Wars fully demonstrates to the viewer what anime is often ridiculed: the authors' constant desire to strip and objectify all of their characters. If you are an anime fan, then you understand that this stereotype is true and often annoying. However, shows that are built around this idea are usually excellent. In classic anime, some tournaments or talent contests are often shown. Food Wars belongs to this subgenre and shows the confrontation in international cuisine. This is a great modern take on a classic anime, and if only for that reason, the show is worth watching. This anime is not available in many countries, so a VPN will come in handy here to unblock the Netflix region.

Carole & Tuesday

Shinichiro Watanabe creates a unique, exciting, and perfectly crafted musical show. Carole & Tuesday is an extraordinary project by Watanabe that stands out for its content. In this series, the action unfolds around the adventures of the daughter of the local Donald Trump and an orphan refugee from Earth. The two characters meet by chance and want to form a musical duo. Their goal is to perform on the popular Martian talent show. It is a heartwarming anime with a delightful soundtrack featuring Thundercat, Denzel Curry, and many other artists.

One Punch Man

It's not for nothing that anime is considered a special kind of art because many directors are trying to embody bold ideas through the prism of close attention. Perhaps this is because there are too many ideas in the anime. One-Punch Man is a fantasy on the theme: "What if there was a superhero who could kill any creature with one blow?" Then they approach this idea from different sides and squeeze all the juices out of it. As a result, we get a very funny superhero comedy about an omnipotent man who has decorated a lot of people's room.

List of the best anime on Netflix

Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle is based on the novel of the same name by Diana Wynne Jones, and the main idea of the anime is the moving castle owned by Howl. This anime has gone very far from the book, but Hayao Miyazaki's journey with the audience looks so magical that the writer has nothing to complain about. As in many other projects of the studio, it is about a girl. Sophie is under the influence of magic, which turns her into an older woman. She finds herself under the protection of an unknown magician, Hall. Hole appoints Sophie as the keeper of the castle, and this adventure becomes the center of her life, as she first meets fantastic creatures. Note that there is no emotional tension in this anime, but the animation is amazing, so you should pay attention to this series.

Akira Fudo is a shy high school girl and has a childhood friend Ryo Asuka. But one day, the girl finds a secret race of evil demons in her world under the guise of people. Once at the devils' party, Akira transforms into one of these creatures - a hybrid of two essences that makes the hero much more confident and attractive. and then we watch a nihilistic study on whether demons are more violent than humans. This is a bloody show where there is a place for tragedies, genocide, and even hell's invasion.

Little Witch Academia

We're not fans of stories of young children being sent to a magic academy to learn magic. But there is something insanely adorable about the series about Akko Kagari - a girl who, without magical abilities, attends the local variation of Hogwarts and gains strength. People in this anime consider magic to be antiquated and tasteless, but Akko is trying to prove that the art is thriving and beautiful. This is a touching and charming show that is perfect if you want to watch something relaxing.

Princess Mononoke

If you are not familiar with Studio Ghibli yet, we recommend you start watching Princess Mononoke. During the Muromachi period, the anime takes place, one of the medieval stages in Japanese history between the 14th and 16th centuries. Prince Ashitaka, under the influence of an ancient demon. He finds himself in the center of the debate between the spirits of the forest and the people. This anime works the way any good epic should work.

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