Guide to Buying Footwear, Sneakers and Shoes in Japan

Want to buy sneakers, shoes and other shoes in Japan but don't know how to order, what size to choose and how to buy it? In this article we have made a complete guide that will help you to buy your shoes in Japan at a great price and in the correct size.

If you're going to visit Japan, you can take advantage of great prices on branded shoes like Mizuno. A sneaker that in Brazil would cost 1200 you buy in Japan for half price. Just don't think it's going to be easy, prices usually vary a lot and you need a good research.

Guide to buying footwear, sneakers, and shoes in Japan

Japan shoe size

The first thing we need to know when buying shoes in Japan is their correct size. The table below shows the shoe size in Japan compared to Brazil. The acronyms JPM and JPF are the Japanese men's and women's sizes. CM for centimeters, MP for Mondopoint and Pol for inches.

Guide to buying footwear, sneakers, and shoes in Japan

Types of shoes in Japanese

The second thing we need to know is the Japanese footwear vocabulary for us to search either in a store or on a site like AmazonJP. Maybe researching shoes first on amazon will help you get an idea of the price of certain products, so here's the tip! Let us now list the types of shoes and shoes in Japanese.

High-heeled shoesハイヒールhaihiiru
Geta, (clogs, wooden footwear)下駄geta
Flip flopsスリッパsurippa
japanese slipper上履きUwabaki
Dress shoes, leather shoes革靴gawagutsu
waterproof shoes雨靴amagutsu
long bootsロングブーツrongubutsu
climbing boots登山靴tozangutsu
Snow boots雪靴yukigutsu
Male shoes紳士靴shinshigutsu

Phrases related to buying shoes and footwear in Japan

To end the article, we are going to share some phrases that can help you buy your shoes in Japan. If you have any questions or tips, please leave your comments. If you liked the article share it with your friends, thank you and see you next time!

This is big for me.これは私には大きいかなIs it not too big?
Since "Saizu ga awanai node, torikaete moraemasu ka." is already in Japanese, no translation is needed.サイズが合わないので、 取り替えてもらえますかThe size is wrong, can I exchange it?
This is how much it costs.これはいくらですかHow much does it cost?
[~] where are you located.[~]はどこにありますかWhere is [~]?
Miteiru dake desu.見ているだけです。I'm just looking
Kore ni shimasu.これにします。I will take this
Which one do you think is better.どちらがいいと思いますか。Which one do you think is better?
Watashi wa kutsu wo kaitai私は靴を買いたい。I want to buy shoes.
kutsu no saizu dorekuraidesuka靴のサイズはどれくらいですかWhat shoe size do you wear?

Regardless of whether you live in Japan or Brazil, a good alternative is to buy in Grande Japanese Amazon.

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