All About Death of Shinzo Abe Former Prime Minister of Japan

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe died at the age of 67 after a shooting in the Japanese city of Nara on Friday, July 8, 2022. In this article we will analyze the case in detail.

Shinzo Abe was shot twice during a Friday morning speech in Nara. 41-year-old gunman Tetsuya Yamagami was arrested using a handcrafted weapon.

The Japan Fire Department confirmed that Abe had a gunshot wound to the right side of his neck and subcutaneous bleeding on the left side of his chest.

According to emergency forces, the former ruler was in cardiac arrest when he was transported to the hospital.

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Who was Shinzo Abe?

Shinzo Abe was Prime Minister of Japan in 2006 for a year and again from 2012 to 2020. On August 28, 2020, Abe announced his resignation as Prime Minister, citing a resurgence of his ulcerative colitis.

Shinzou Abe [安倍晋三] was born in Tokyo on September 21, 1954 and served four terms as the country's prime minister. He was a conservative, populist and nationalist Nippon Kaigi politician.

Abe's policies were called “abenomicusu”, he bet on free market, quantitative easing, production stimulus and fiscal balance, he was also responsible for a structural adjustment while expanding Japanese social welfare.

In recent decades the Japan managed to cut the high number of suicides by half. THE japanese time load also decreased significantly compared to the last decades, being even smaller than that of Brazil. Shinzo Abe's policies may have contributed to these results.

Japan's politics - how does the government work?

About Suspect Tetsuya Yamagami

Tetsuya Yamagami was a former member of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, the Japanese equivalent of the navy. According to Japanese Defense Ministry sources, he worked in the naval branch of the Self-Defense Forces for three years, until 2005.

The murder weapon is a homemade weapon, as the country has strict laws regarding firearms, where firearm deaths are rare.

All about the term of office of Shinzo Abe, former Prime Minister of Japan

What did the world say about Shinzo Abe's Death?

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called the act an "attack on defenders of democracy".

US Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel said Abe was an "excellent leader of Japan and an unwavering ally of the US", adding that the US was "praying" for his well-being.

The Brazilian president said he received the news of the assassination of the former Japanese prime minister “with extreme indignation and regret”. Bolsonaro declared three days of mourning for the death of Shinzo Abe.

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Firearms in Japan

Firearms are rare in Japan, the number of deaths by do not usually exceed even 10 people.

In Brazil, firearm deaths almost exceed 50,000 a year, in the United States the number is in the range of 30,000.

Most Japanese have never seen a gun in their lives, not even every police officer can own a gun.

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