A little about me #1

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In order to resurrect the personal category of my site "My Blog" a little, I am answering a tag from a friend and enjoy letting you site readers Suki Desu get to know me better.

I think that whoever follows the site, or noticed the author's biography, my name is Kevin and I'm 21 years old, other details will be seen in the tag.

First, let me make it clear that I consider the Suki Desu is a Website and not a blog, although it uses Wordpress, and this article is in the my blog category. Tags are not usually answered by websites, so most of the questions below will mention the word blog.

1 - What does your family think about you having a blog?

An interesting question, no one in my family knows or cares what I write on my website. What matters to them is that I work and earn money, that's why they keep complaining about me staying on the computer because they don't see money... But with my dedication I'm reaching my goals of working online doing what I like.

2 - Have you reached where you wanted to go in life?

I didn't arrive in Japan and I didn't even find my Soul Mate, so no.

3 - What do you love to do the most and what do you hate the most?

I love to watch and play. And I hate doing things I don't like.

4 - What was your first and last anime?

I don't know the answer, the first anime I watched knowing it was anime was Ashita no Nadja and Fullmetal Alchemist. But also before I knew what anime is, I watched Love Hina and Get Backers.

The last anime I watched in full was Usagi Drop, along with my mother. But there are those of the season that I'm following.

5 - What is your favorite movie?

A tough question, every year I have a favorite movie.

6 - What is your favorite anime opening and ending?

7 - What else do you forget or miss?

I have no idea, when I lose or forget it's always something random... But it's easier for me to forget something in my mind than to lose an object and not find it.

8 - What do you listen to most from your parents?

Go to college, go to work, go read.

9 - Which anime do you hate the most?

Naruto, and don't ask me why... Because even I don't know.

10 - Which manga is your favorite?

I haven't read a lot of manga, and most I've read are because of anime, the only full-length manga I've read and have is Love Hina and Kimi ni Todoke. One manga I would like to have is Liar Game and Detective Conan.

11 - Are you that type of otaku that sings along with opening or not?

If I know, or have the kana with furigana. But I sing karaoke a lot.

12 - Which character is similar to you?

Okabe Rintarou - I'm crazy, I used to always create inventions... I identified with him a lot.

13 - What character would you like to be?

I would like to be Kudo Shinichi from Detective Conan.

14 - Would you like to work with anime? If yes, which area?

Working on Detective Conan would be great, a long anime with a great staff. It's not my forte, but I'd rather be a voice actor, I can't imagine myself drawing or working in any other area. Or maybe in the script, but since it's based on a manga... I'd really rather invent an anime than participate in an already constructed one.

15 - Have you ever cried watching anime? If so which one?

Several, I've even cried in Gurren Lagann and Code Geass, and Shoujo don't even tell me... I'm easy to cry.

16 - What did the blogosphere give you the best?

What the hell is this? Aah wait... Well, I never had relationships with personal blogs, most were websites, but one person who helped me to grow and continue on the site was Luiz Rafael from ClassesJapones, and I also had the support of several readers and friends. The page japan curiosities helped me to grow, unfortunately I wanted more support from Brazilians in Japan (page) but I don't have TT

What did I gain from it? With the help of the community, I have people who comment and like the same things I do. People who share my articles. I have the opportunity to work online, study and learn more while delving into Japanese culture.

17 - Name 4 blogs that you love a lot?

I don't follow blogs or websites, just some to follow news, like mushroom house, otakupt.

18 - Complete the sentence: "In a few years I want to..."

In a few years I want to be away from Brazil traveling the world.

That was the Tag, I liked this joke that was indicated by Marcela from the blogs: romance, yaoipur and marcelaclarodesigner

In the future I intend to do another one of these quiz games, we can talk about curious subjects related to Japan and the language, sometimes a personal opinion can clear up several doubts.

Tag is intended to pass on to other people, unfortunately I don't have contact with personal blogs so I can refer you, so in case you have a blog! Or website! If you want to make this tag, let me know and I'll put your blog here:

(heuheuhe I didn't follow the original rules...)

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