Do you know the band and the cartoon Puffy AmiYumi?

If you liked watching cartoons on Good morning and company, probably knows Puffy AmiYumi. This drawing was produced by Cartoon Network in conjunction with TV Tokyo. This one was based on a Japanese band called Puffy, or also known as Puffy AmiYumi. The animation was produced in 2004, arriving at Cartoon Network do Brasil on April 29, 2005.

The drawing achieved greater fame in Brazil when it debuted in Open TV, on SBT channel. This happened on April 10, 2006. The cartoon quickly gained great popularity, with many advertisements and themed products. The cartoon has a simple premise and simple features. The main characters are Ami and Yumi. These are cartoon versions of the members of the band Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura. The basic story of the cartoon tells the adventures of the two, traveling the world in their bus doing shows.

Getting to know the band Puffy AmiYumi more

It all starts in 1988 when Ami Onuki was still in high school and was in a band called Hanoi Sex. The band passed an audition conducted by Sony, and they were soon signed. But both the producer and the band could not reach an agreement, causing the band's activity to be low. Over time the band broke up and Ami was eventually hired as a solo singer.

Do you know puffy amiyumi?

Yumi, in turn, participated in a Sony music contest in 1993, being hired then. It was then that she ends up meeting Ami and thus begins a great friendship. Both didn't really believe in going solo, so they soon decided to form a duo. In 1995, already signed by sony as a duo, and would have the name of Crazy Virgin. But soon, the producer came up with the name "PUFFY", which eventually became the band's official name. This one took the genre pop as the main one, but with many elements of the rock and jazz. 

In 1996, they released their first single calling Asia no Junshin. This song sold over a million copies, turning the band into an immediate success. Soon the songs were on TV and in many advertisements. The second single called This is my way of life It was the best-selling in the group's history. In the same year, the first album was released, selling over 3 million copies and staying at the top of the charts for 36 consecutive weeks.

The success only grew, so much so that the band became a reference for others. Not to mention the band's fashion that became a teenage fever throughout the country. Thus, they started touring worldwide, being one of the main acts in 2002 in the United States. From this came the invitation to open a new animation from Cartoon Network. This animation was none other than Teen Titans. This contact gave rise to the idea of an animation based on the band.

Do you know puffy amiyumi?

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

As already said, the design appeared in 2004, and was aimed at children. But as the band was already successful at the time, other age groups were reached. Along with the design, an entire advertising campaign was started. A CD was even released by Sony with all the songs that were part of the animation.

Even though the drawing was entirely produced in the United States, many references to Japan were noticed. Ami and Yumi themselves appeared in many episodes, with the opening song being sung by them. With the animation, the band reached new audiences, greatly increasing the number of fans around the world. In total there were 39 episodes, divided into 3 seasons.

Today the band is still active, totaling 13 studio albums, adding more than 14 million sales. Many are the band's appearances in commercials, TV shows and even in movies. In 2016 they released an album in celebration of the band's 20th anniversary. And to this day they are considered and appointed as goodwill ambassadors between Japan and the United States.

So, do you know the band or just remember the drawing? Tell us in the comments and share with friends.

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