Where do I buy manga and anime products in Japan?

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Ever wondered where or how to buy manga and anime products in Japan? Many believe that when traveling to Japan, they will be able to buy various products otaku for a much cheaper price, but will it be like that?

Those who travel to Japan are scared by the prices of Action Figures, manga and other anime products. Still, do not lose hope, in this article we will explain the best way to buy such items.

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Buying Manga at Used Stores

Used book stores in Japan are wonderful. While in a certain place you pay an absurd 600 yen for a manga or light novel from scratch, in a used book store you pay less than 100 yen.

Where can I buy manga and anime products in Japan?

The Japanese are very zealous with their books, some just read them and sell them to second-hand stores, with all the items and papers that are found inside the volume. The manga in thrift stores are visibly new.

Always look for stores like BookOff, but there are others that are extremely cheaper. I don't remember the name, but there was a store that sold 3 volumes for 100 yen. It made me want to fill a suitcase with books and manga.

Another famous franchise that sells manga and other second-hand products is called mandarake. In addition to sleeves, in this store you will find video games, action figures, toys, DVDs, CDs, card games and even cosplay items.

I'll leave a video below that talks a little about what I wrote in the article and shows some manga I bought when I went to Japan:

YouTube video

Buying action figures and anime products

Something more expensive than manga are action figures. In Akihabara stores the prices reached the clouds, small quality actions could cost more than 3,000 yen approaching 110 USD.

Again I went to used stores. One thrift store I liked is the one located in Namba, Osaka. At admski I found packages full of anime products and small figures for only 300 yen.

In Tokyo you can find several second-hand stores on Nakano Broadway. Although Akihabara has second-hand stores, unfortunately the prices can still be steep for tourists, necessitating some panning.

Where can I buy manga and anime products in Japan?

In addition to Book Off, there are Mode-Off, Off-House, Hobby-Off and Garage-Off. Each specializes in a certain thing. It's one of the most popular used car franchises in Japan, but it's not the cheapest.

Anyway, there's no way I can list every second-hand store in Japan. Many are home stores without any franchise, there are already large stores and famous franchises that also sell used products.

Well, I wrote this short article just to drop these tips. Remember, run out of new product stores because the price is too steep. Always research and do some research before making decisions and regretting them.

Even in big and new stores there can be a glaring difference in price. From store to store, I saved 5,000 yen when I bought a new Apple product. If you liked the tip, share it and leave the comments.

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