How does the Japanese School work and how to enroll?


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Japanese elementary education is completely mandatory, just like in Brazil. Children must enter schools if they are 6 years old, before or before April 1st. The school year starts in April and ends in March.

For the Japanese, it is mandatory to attend primary school, which is 6 years old, and another three years in secondary school. Special schools are also available for children with physical and mental disabilities. There are also schools for foreigners.

Elementary school has free public schools for Japanese and foreigners with small ancillary fees. Elementary school is made up of Shougakkou and Chuugakkou. High school or higher (15 to 17 years old) is not mandatory but 94% of students do. Schools are paid, including public ones.

School subjects / subjects

Shougakkou - Sciences, Design and Joinery, Moral Education, General Studies, Mathematics, Music, Household Chores and Physical Education, Daily Life, Social Studies and other extra activities.

Chuugakkou - Sciences, Art Education, Physical Education and Health, Moral Education, General Studies, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Carpentry, Mathematics, Music, Household Chores, Japanese Language and other extra activities.

How does the Japanese school work and how to enroll? - schoolgirl schoolgirl

About Enrollments

Enrollments are made during March / April.

To enroll, parents or guardians must attend the Municipal Education Department, and then make an application for enrollment of children (s), both in shougakkou and chuugakkou.

Before, it is necessary to choose the school where the child will attend, of course, sending the process to the Department of Education.

After that, the parents or guardians must go to school and then enroll, of course, the student will only be able to attend school in the school year that corresponds to their age.

So, it is necessary for parents / guardians to compare with their children to go and talk to the teachers about their school life.

It is possible to find in schools a kind of organization called PTA, which consists of parents and teachers. In this organization, various things of public benefit and improvements are organized, such as security, that is, of course, includes guidance on the way from home to school and vice versa. Having collaboration from both parties and actively.


On the homepage of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology, there is an information guide on school enrollment. To read the Portuguese version click here.

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