What is a Chunchunmaru from KonoSuba?


Those who watch KonoSuba must have noticed the name of a katana Chunchunmaru. Have you ever wondered why she has that name? What is its meaning? What is the history of Katakana? In this article, we will do a thorough research on this subject.

Chunchunmaru it was the first katana created in the world of KonoSuba, it was created by a blacksmith following Kazuma's instructions. His name was chosen at the time while Kazuma was distracted. It is a bit short because Kazuma does not have the skills to handle a full-sized katana.

What does Chunchunmaru mean?

The name ChunChunmaru [ちゅんちゅん丸] comes from the onomatopoeia of birds singing [ちゅんちゅん] followed by the word circle. The word maru means circle, but it is usually used as a suffix for something loved in male names or when sailors put maru in the name of their boats.

I hope this short article has cleared up your doubt about why the name chunchunmaru and its meanings. Another very popular example of using maru is a famous Japanese ship on the NipponMaru. Not to mention the Kasato-maru that had a lot of influence on the Japanese immigration in Brazil.