For what  does it fit a KIMONO?  

Japan maintains an ancient culture, even with westernization, Japanese fashion differs from all over the world.  Do you know the traditional Japanese clothing called Kimono?  

kimono [着物 Kimono] is a traditional Japanese garment composed of silk clothes, belts and various accessories.  Because it is an expensive and complex traditional outfit, it is not something common to wear day to day.  

Generally, Kimono is used in traditional and special occasions like graduation, weddings, funerals, parties, traditional festivals, religious holidays, hanami and others.

Depending on the occasion, all Japanese people have worn a Kimono. Usually some shopkeepers and people who work in traditional places use the clothes.  Not to mention Geisha and other artists. 

Yukata is a more casual and thin type of kimono, usually composed of just one piece and a belt.  It is often used after showering in traditional hotels. ryokan and onsen. The word yukata literally means bathing suit.