This is a basic Japanese course that teaches through anime and manga

There are more than 200 classes studying anime such as: - Naruto - Shingeki - One Piece - Boku no Hero - Death Note - One Punchman AND MANY OTHERS

Access is Lifetime and can be watched from anywhere at any time!  There are 20 COURSE MODULES! You will learn to read and write all the basics of Japanese!

In addition to the basics, the course has a bonus module that teaches:  - 50 Kanji - Japanese with Songs - Manga Reading - Study group The Course also offers a certificate of completion

ABOUT SENSEI Kenji Yokoyama is Professor, YouTuber and Creator of the Kenji Sensei Academy project. and at just 2 years old he went to Japan with his family to live in the city Hamamatsu and returned to Brazil years later.

Don't miss the chance to take the cheapest Japanese course on the internet! You pay the equivalent of half the value of a portion of a face-to-face course that can be divided into up to 12x Visit the course page for details!