Who doesn't like romance anime?  Even the most macho men are enchanted by the incredible love stories told in anime.

It tells the story of Ryuuji a guy obsessed with cleanliness who has a scary look who is in love with a girl. He meets this girl's friend, a short tsundere who is in love with his friend, so the 2 partner up to try to get closer to them.   One of the most popular romance anime of all time.

A romantic comedy with action composed of 4 seasons of 12 episodes.  The anime tells the story of a Saito who is summoned by a girl named Louise from an otherworldly school of magic.  He ends up becoming her mascot and so a long love story begins.

Anime composed of 2 seasons shows the life of Tomoya and Nagisa.  They start to strengthen their relationship until they start a romantic life full of challenges.   This is undoubtedly one of the best romance anime and one of the most beautiful of all time, with a great soundtrack and makes any grown man cry.

The anime tells the story of a student president who is poor and works at a Maid-Café to keep her house.  Until the most popular boy in high school falls in love with her and starts chasing her, the big problem is that she hates boys.

This romantic comedy tells the story of a tall girl and a short boy who are always fighting and teasing each other. Until things start to change and a complicated romance develops between the two.  One of the most famous romantic comedy anime of all time. A very classic romance!