Traveling to Japan – Airport and Immigration

Want to travel to Japan but don't know how to get by at the Airport or Immigration? Today we wrote an article explaining some details about immigration and teaching some phrases and vocabulary that can help you on this great adventure.

The focus of the article is to explain Japanese words, we recommend also looking at other basic immigration and airport guides in English. It is worth remembering that it is necessary to have visa to enter Japan.

How is immigration?

As soon as you arrive in Japan, you will be indicated to follow a line to a counter where you must present your passport, itinerary, take your fingerprints and photos. Sometimes you will have to answer some questions in English or Japanese, where they will ask how long you will be staying, etc.

Sometimes it may happen that you need to locate yourself, answer complex questions, and fill out forms.

Below are some phrases that may be useful:

Where are you from?
Where are you from?

I came from Brazil.
I came from Brazil.

Taizai kikan wa owner kuraidesu ka?
What is the period of your stay?

Sanjuu kankan desu.
30 days.

Taizaisaki wa dochira desuka?
Where you will stay?

Shinkoku suru mono wa arimasu ka?
Do you have anything to declare?

No, there is nothing.
No, I don't have anything.

Eigo wakaranai.
I do not know English.

Pasupooto or Misetekudasai
Please show me your passport.

Are you asking about tourism?
Is it tourism?

Where do I stop?
Where you will stay?


Lost at the Airport?

Are you lost at the Airport? Don't know how to take a flight in Japan? If you know English, it's easy to locate and talk to airport staff and ask for help. The phrases below may be useful if you are departing from Japan:

checkkuin suru
To check in

Pasupooto to koukuuken or onegaishimasu.
Give me your passport and ticket please.

Naka ni kowaremono ya ekitairui raitaa wa haitte imasenk ka?
Is there anything fragile, any liquids or any lighters inside?

O zaseki wa tsūro-gawa to madogawa to dochira ga yoroshīdesu ka?
Do you prefer a window seat or an aisle seat?

Niijuuban geito wa doko desuka?
Where is Gate 28?

Koukuukaisha wa, dochiradesu ka?
Which airline do you use?

Is it difficult?
What is your flight number?


To finish the article, we are going to present some Japanese words that you should know so you don't get lost at the Airport or Immigration.

Portuguese Japanese Romaji
Aeroporto 空港 kuukou
Plane 飛行機 airplane
Passport 旅券 ryoken
Passport パスポート passport
Duty Free 免税 menzei
Seen ビザ viza
Seen 査証 sashou
customs 税関 zeikan
Tour / Tourism / Tour ツアー yours
Individual  個人 kojin
Tourism 観光 kankou
Business ビジネス bijinesu
Business 仕事 shigoto
Accommodation / Accommodation  滞在先 taizaisaki
Immigration Examination 入国審査 Immigration examination
 landing procedures 入国手続き nyuukoku tetsuzuki
landing card 入国カード nyuukoku kaado
Arrival 到着 touchaku
Terminal ターミナル taaminaru
Boarding gate 搭乗ゲート toujou geeto
Departure gate (exit) 出発ゲート geeto shuppatsu
Leave the country 出国 shukkoku
Flight number 便名 binmei
window seat 窓側 madogawa
aisle seat 通路側 tsuuro gawa
Seat 座席 zaseki
Baggage 荷物 nimotsu
Hand baggage 手荷物 tenimotsu
Check (baggage/bag) 預ける azukeru

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