Popular insects from Japan


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The Japanese, both young and old, tend to admire insects. Boys in particular are especially fascinated by them. Insects are seen by them almost as a kind of miniature heroes. They are really popular with children!

There is a big hobby among children that is hunting insects. They have equipment, and it was this hobby that gave rise to the Pokemon franchise games. In today's article, we will learn about some very popular insects in Japan and also why they are.

Cicada - Semi

If you are a foreigner and are in Japan during the summer period, you may be experiencing a somewhat unpleasant sound to human ears. Who usually causes this unpleasant sound is the cicada, which is usually called by the Japanese “bee knees”. She is popular due to her singing during the summer and ended up becoming a symbol of this season. In Japan, there are more than 350 different species of cicada. They can be found in the most diverse places, singing their songs in the summer, even in the center of big cities like Tokyo.

Beetles - Kuwagata

Many Japanese children often catch beetles in Japan to "have fun". Making beetles one of the most popular "pets" in Japan. The Japanese name KUWAGATA comes from the stylized horns of a samurai helmet, which makes the insect popular. As they are small insects and therefore take up little space in Japanese homes, they can be found by numbers in houses. If for some reason you are in Japan and decide to go after beetles in Japan, you can find around 40 varieties of beetles in Japan!


Firefly - Hotaru

Fireflies are very popular in early July and mark the period of change from spring to summer. These insects are almost like a lantern that illuminates the night sky and are admired for their fragility and short-lived beauty, just like the leaves of cherry trees in spring.

Dragonfly - Tonbo

One of the reasons dragonflies are popular in Japan is that, since the time of the samurai they were known as katchimushi (insects of victory), because they can only fly forward without retreating. This made them become a popular symbol and emblem of the samurai, who respected them because they always moved forward as good samurai did. This is why the samurai wore clothes, weapons and armor with shapes that resembled the dragonfly, as this increased their hopes of victory on the battlefield.


Rhinoceros beetle - Kabutomushi

This beetle is popularly known as "King of the insects". Your name Kabutomushi by itself already tells us everything about the insect. KABUTO is the Japanese word for samurai helmet, and MUSHI means insect, in such a way that the literal meaning is "insect samurai helmet". Interesting, isn't it !? These insects are well known for their strength and power. His popularity grows more and more, due to his presence in anime, movies, advertisements and television for years. Many children in Japan, catch these beetles to raise and have fun. If you are in Japan and want to have this “PET”, you will have to pay between 600 to 1000 yen.