Takeda Castle - In the Sea of Clouds


The ruins of Takeda Castle (竹田城跡) is located in the city of Asago in Hyogo, Japan. It is sometimes referred to as Machu Picchu of Japan. This floating castle located 353 meters high was also a famous setting in the film Castle in the Sky produced in 1986 by Studio Ghibli.

It is located 535 meters above the sea in the Wadayamacho district. It seems to be floating in a sea of clouds, which has led to being one of the 100 most famous castles in Japan. Unfortunately only ruins remain, but its location makes it a flashy place thanks to mists that make it look like a sea of clouds. Especially in the morning of autumn and spring.

Takeda castle - in the sea of clouds

Takeda - A castle in Heaven

The castle was originally built in 1411 by a samurai from the Yamana clan. And he was later conquered by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in one of his Western campaigns to reunite Japan. The castle forces fought the Tokugawa clan during the battle of Sekigahara in 1600. Akamatsu Hirohide, the lord of the castle, was accused of arson and committed seppuku, causing the castle to be abandoned. In 1943, Takeda Castle became a protected and historic monument. Since then, restoration and maintenance projects have been carried out.

Takeda castle - in the sea of clouds

In addition to climbing the castle ruins, tourists often go around the mountains to photograph this beauty. After walking 40 minutes from Takeda Station enjoying the scenery and visiting its ruins, you can go to Ritsuunkyo Mountain for the best photos. Remember to be prepared to visit this castle, you will walk a lot on trails and climb mountains. The mountain of Ritsuunkyo is on the opposite side of the castle, making you walk a lot through the region.

Takeda castle - in the sea of clouds

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