The true creator of the Selfie Stick


You know how the Selfie Stick or Selfie stick? Who invented this ingenuity that is so successful today? In this article we are going to talk about the true story of the selfie stick that few know about.

It is an extension rod used to obtain selfie-type photos with a wider coverage angle. Despite being a resource that became quite popular since 2014, when did it really appear?

An American claims to be the inventor of the famous “selfie stick” about 10 years ago, but it was discovered that this accessory has been around for more than 20 years or even centuries, where it was originally invented in Japan and was considered a useless invention.

The true origin of the Selfie Stick

In early 2015, the user @_tessr posted a photo of a book published in 1995 that showed “101 useless Japanese inventions”. In that book we found a selfie stick long before it became popular.

Originally called "Extender" (エクステンダー), the first selfie stick was launched by Minolta in 1983. It was part of a kit sold specifically for making self-portraits, which included a shutter button on the end.

The description says “camera stick for self-portraits” invites users to take the photo without the need for help, especially in travels when it becomes embarrassing to ask a stranger to take a picture.

The true story of the selfie stick made by a Japanese
The true story of the selfie stick made by a Japanese

Why was the Selfie Stick useless?

Why was this invention not successful at the time when the Japanese created it? It is not known for sure, but it was probably due to the lack of a front screen, the need for relief and other things that did not make the selfie stick practical.

Nowadays there are still people who consider the selfie stick to be a useless invention. In fact the selfie stick is losing its space thanks to the front cameras better than the rear ones, with a wide angle.

So the selfie stick was actually made by a Japanese man? This is uncertain, it is difficult to identify the real creator, as there are some suspicious photos from the year 1925 that appear to be someone using a Selfie Stick.

Unfortunately there is no way to know, but probably someone in the past must have tried to tie the camera to a stick to take pictures. Now it is difficult for someone to sue another for plagiarism, and generate a new useless war in justice.

Despite this, I believe that the Japanese was the first to create a complete version with a snap button attached. Just as the Japanese at the time found this invention useless. Do you find it useful? Why did it become so popular now?

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