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We want to dramatically increase our Suki Desu website! We need dedicated people to create articles and content for the website. Unfortunately this is not easy ... Most people do not want this responsibility, cannot see benefits, and see no return. But after 1 year working alone, with the help of some people who have left abruptly, I need you! I have many projects, I believe that someday these projects will make a profit and I can reward those who accompany me on this long journey.

Right now I have a dedicated team on the Facebook page, but now I need people to create articles about Japan and POP and Otaku culture. I also look for partnerships, people who help our posts reach more people. I also intend to start publishing news on the site, but without a team it is impossible.

My other project is a database of Anime, movies and dramas, but for that we will gather a team first ... I also have a Quizzes site to take care of, a YouTube channel and a website for selling digital products. I am looking for dedicated people to help me with these projects, to spread Japanese culture to other people.

I don't want to stop here, if the person likes Korean culture and wants to set up a website about it, I can help so that we can set up a network and a great team together.


  • Have good English and good writing skills;
  • Have a basic knowledge to use the WordPress editor
  • Know some English to create original or translated content
  • Have knowledge of right or wrong, to avoid problems with copyright or content copying;

I don't want to force the person to write certain amounts of articles, but the ideal was at least 3 a week, but you are not obliged to do that, if you want to be an author and write when possible, we accept your collaboration… If you don't want this responsibility, but send a text to publish on the site, use the contact form.

The benefits

  • You will be recognized on the Internet;
  • You will write about things you like;
  • You can sell or advertise something profitable in your article, as long as it is related to the topic;
  • In the future we can begin to reward your hard work. It all depends on the team;

Don't think about joining the team for future profits! We should write about Japan for love, for fun!

After updating the site, we now have a member area where anyone can register and submit their own articles for review, so if you are interested in supporting as a writer, simply register and submit your articles.

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11 thoughts on “Recrutamento – Precisamos de Escritores”

    • Hi, it will be a pleasure … We are currently implementing a system for submitting articles through this link:

      You can feel free and order, there are rules and details. If you have experience with wordpress in the future we will create an author account and we can exchange ideas and details via facebook or email if you wish.

  1. Good nights, I never used wordpress, but I have an interest in learning, as far as I can contribute, but I would like to know a little more about what we will do more precisely, in advance my apologies for the low understanding and thanks for your availability in explaining me .

    • Sorry for the delay … but for some reason I only received notification of the comment by email this week. xD lol … We made a change on the site, whoever wants to write just register that there is an option to create articles and send them for review.

  2. Hello, my name is Lucas and I have been following your work for a long time, including my learning in Japanese, I am simply in love with Japan, both its traditional culture and anime, jrock, pop and nerdy and geeky things, I am willing to assume this responsibility and any call Inbox ([email protected] or Facebook) Arigatou.