Paizuri, Bakunyuu and Kyonyuu – Big tits in Japanese


We have written several articles about breasts in Japanese. Today we are going to talk about 3 terms that are quite searched on google and that are related to adult manga, movies and anime. In this article we will talk about the meaning of paizuri, bakunyuu and kyonyuu.

I don’t like to write about it, but unfortunately it is something that is very much in demand. The reports on the website show that most of those who accessed Suki Desu were in the articles on Ahegao or Zettai ryouiki.

Doing a thorough search on Google Search Console I came across the terms paizuri and bakunyuu that receive more than 50 thousand searches per month.

Paizuri, bakunyuu and kyonyuu - big tits in japanese

So as a writer I will try to quickly explain the meaning of the Japanese words paizuri, bakunyuu and kyonyuu. Remember that we already have another article talking about pettanko and breast size in Japanese.

The meaning of Paizuri – Spanish in Japanese

The word paizuri [パイ擦り], which is also usually written only in katakana, is the Japanese word to refer to sex with the breasts. The equivalent of the Spanish term that is popular in Brazil. A practice that consists of stimulating the penis between the breasts.

Paizuri, bakunyuu and kyonyuu - big tits in japanese

The word paizuri contains [パイ] a father that comes from oppai [おっぱい] which means breasts in Japanese. The verb zuri [擦り]comes from kosuri or kasuri which means to rub and squeeze. There is an old version that uses the verb [刷り]which also means to insert, brush and scrub.

The meaning of Bakunyuuu and Kyonyuu in Japanese

The word bakunyuu [爆乳] is an adult subgenus about women with giant breasts above G75. The word bakunyuu can literally be translated as a milk explosion or a breast explosion. Since nyuu is literally milk reading, it also means breasts.

Paizuri, bakunyuu and kyonyuu - big tits in japanese

The word kyonyuu [巨乳] literally means giant breasts. The ideogram [巨] means gigantic, wide, big and things like that. Breasts between sizes E70 and G75 are considered Kyonyuu.

I hope this article has answered your questions about the meaning of paizuri, bakunyuu and kyonyuu in Japanese. If you liked it, share it with friends and leave your comments. Here we research even the deepest and darkest things.

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