What does Paizuri mean?

Ever heard of the Japanese term Paizuri? Today we are going to talk about this highly searched term on Google and that is related to a sexual act.

Doing a deep Google search, I noticed that the term Paizuri is searched over 150,000 times a month, just outside of Japan.

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Paizuri, bakunyuu e kyonyuu - big boobs in Japanese

Meaning of Paizuri

Paizuri [パイ擦り] is a Japanese word that refers to the sexual act of using the breasts to stimulate a partner's penis. This can be done with or without clothes, and is a popular activity in Japanese pornography, equivalent to “Spanish” in the West.

The word paizuri contains PAI [パイ] which comes from oppai [おっぱい] which means breasts in Japanese. The verb zuri [擦り] comes from kosuri or kasuri which means to rub and squeeze. There is an old version that uses the verb [刷り] which also means to insert, brush and rub.

Paizuri, bakunyuu e kyonyuu - big boobs in Japanese

Paizuri is also sometimes called "titfucking", or "titjobs". The term is quite generic and can refer to the use of hands, toys or the breasts themselves.

Paizuri can also happen harmlessly like we see in anime. It is considered sexual only if it is done with the intention of sexual arousal.

Paizuri, bakunyuu e kyonyuu - big boobs in Japanese

Paizuri is a relatively popular activity in Japan, where it is considered a form of foreplay or sex play. It is also popular in other parts of Asia such as China and Taiwan.

Although paizuri is often considered a heterosexual activity, it can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation.

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