Osaka vs Tokyo - What is the best city?

Tokyo and Osaka are the 2 largest cities in Japan, both are fun and unique, but which one is the best? Each has its own opinion, so in this article we will present some points and comparisons between each of these 2 cities for you to decide which is the best.

We will address various topics, both tourism and housing. For this we will have a little help from my friend Roberto Pedraça who made a video with this theme:

Transportation - Tokyo x Osaka

Regarding traffic, Tokyo can be a lot more hellish than Osaka, driving from the inside of the city can be daunting, but nothing compared to the gigantic Brazilian cities. Osaka people drive faster, and the streets are more spacious.


The train lines in Tokyo are incredible, it looks like a maze, but they are very easy and practical. In Osaka the train lines are usually few compared to Tokyo, but they are still practical.

Both cities offer great transport options, but they are the 2 largest cities in Japan, so be careful during rush hour, especially Tokyo.

Osaka vs Tokyo - what is the best city?

Tokyo x Osaka Tourism

Both cities offer different tourism options. The city of Tokyo has a stronger geek, pop and otaku culture, while Osaka has a stronger local atmosphere.


In Tokyo we have more tourist attractions, but in Osaka all tourist cities like Kyoto, Nara, Himeji are accessible within a few minutes by train.

In Tokyo we have Disney, in Osaka we have Universal Studios. In Tokyo we have several towers, buildings and prominent neighborhoods, in Osaka we have the largest aquarium and some castles.

Tokyo you can spend a month in the city and you still won't be able to see all the sights. Osaka you can travel to other historic cities more easily.

Osaka vs Tokyo - what is the best city?

Osaka vs Tokyo spending

In Tokyo the food will be more expensive, and the taste is usually traditional, and there you will find first class restaurants. In Osaka, the local cuisine is highly appreciated and the prices and ambiences are more friendly. Takoyaki and Okonimiyaki are Osaka's main highlights.

When it comes to shopping, Tokyo certainly offers more varieties and options. However, the people of Osaka are more friendly, you can socialize and negotiate with the vendors. Osaka prices will definitely be cheaper than Tokyo.

Osaka vs Tokyo - what is the best city?

The people of Osaka vs Tokyo

In Tokyo, everyone is in their own square, people don't care much about foreigners. In Osaka people are much more friendly, pleasant and easy to make friends.

The Osaka environment is much warmer than the Tokyo environment, making it a great option to live in. In Osaka you find fewer foreigners than Tokyo. The culture is more lively. Tokyo is more industrialized.

Osaka people seem happier, more innocent and funnier. This makes Osaka women more beautiful. Osaka is also famous in the comedy business.

Osaka vs Tokyo - what is the best city?

Where is it better? Tokyo or Osaka?

Both Osaka and Tokyo have their advantages and disadvantages. My opinion is that Osaka becomes a better place to live, while Tokyo is just a place for sightseeing with sights.

That's because Osaka is cheaper, has more attractive surroundings and a much more friendly population. I prefer Osaka, how about you? Which city do you prefer? Fortunately in Japan you may be able to get to another city in less than 3 hours.