Meet Kakute: The Poison Ring Used by Ninjas

O kakute it is, without a doubt, one of the most different ninja weapons of all time. In fact, many people are simply in love with Japanese culture, which is no wonder, since Japan is one of the countries with the strongest and richest culture in the world.

Among the characters in his story that draw the most attention are the ninjas. They were also known as shinobi, a Japanese term that translates as “thief”.

In other words, they were Japanese citizens prepared from childhood to be spy warriors. They were also masters of camouflage, martial arts and sabotage. They lived in mountain villages, where they trained tirelessly.

These people were hired by owners of large estates to spy, however, if necessary, they could eliminate the enemies.


At the time they existed, there were many internal wars in Japan, which went into decline between the 17th and 19th centuries, when the ninja disappeared.

However, even today these warriors attract the attention of people who like Japanese culture, especially with regard to the weapons they used.

With that in mind, in this article, we're going to talk a little bit about kakute. We will show its usefulness and how it was used by ninjas in battles. You will also get to know its characteristics and types.

Japanese proverbs - ninja phrase list - kotowaza
Japanese Proverbs - Ninja Phrase List - Kotowaza

What was kakute?

Japan is a curious country by nature as it has one of the most interesting and beautiful cultures in the world. It is also important to stress that one of the stories that draws the most attention is the ninja.

Furthermore, these warriors, in addition to being famous, used peculiar weapons that aroused everyone's interest. One of them is known as kakute, which despite appearing harmless, brings many disadvantages to the opponent.


At the time of the ninjas, although the Japanese didn't have cutting edge technologies, as in the case of ventilation ducts, these people were always very intelligent, as they included their wisdom in the weapons they used.

Like samurai, ninjas had a series of weapons that went beyond swords, as the truth is that they carried a large arsenal.

Well, this ring has thorns on one of its sides, these that were used inside the hands of its wearers. So, with these claws hidden, warriors were able to surprise the opponent and weaken him.

Furthermore, kakute used to be worn on the middle finger, and another ring was placed on the thumb. The goal was to take full control of the opponent, digging the ring's teeth into spots that caused the most pain.


As a weapon with a surprise effect, the opponent totally lost his concentration, making the battle easier for whoever held the ring. With this, the bearer warrior could freely apply other blows and techniques, since his opponent was distracted.

Kakute could be dipped in poison to further increase its effectiveness. Ninjas could still use it to scale walls, as the hooks on the ring even pierced buildings, giving the climb a boost.

Given the ability of the Japanese from the earliest times, it is no wonder they are able to innovate at all, as in the case of a pressure reducing station.

Now that you know what kakute is, in the next topic, we'll show you a little more about its characteristics. Read on.

Ninja - myths about feudal japan shinobi

What were the characteristics of kakute?

Normally, the ring was made of iron and had one to three points. So, the more effective a Ninja wanted to be, the more rings he wore. It was possible to use the rings on the middle or index fingers, and one more on the thumb. Generally, they were favored by female ninja, known as kunoichi.

This was because they were the ones who used to wear rings at that time in Japan, so if they were wearing this adornment, the opponent would hardly know if it was a kakute.

As we said, the artifact was used with the tip facing inside the palm. For the ring to become even more deadly, these tips could contain poison, which enhanced attacks.


It is important to remember that if today we can count on resources, such as alarm installation, at that time, property owners had no other way to protect themselves, except with the help of warriors.

These people were trained in ninja schools and they encouraged the use of the ring as a weapon. Among the main schools that used them were:

  • Seigo Ryum;
  • Nanban Ippon Ryu;
  • Saihoin;
  • Among others.

In fact, many of them taught to capture warriors using only the ring. Imagine how opponents felt when they felt a sting that, despite causing little pain, was extremely deadly.


Well, that was due to the poison in the tips of the kakute. As such, it was an apparently innocent action, but it helped to defeat many enemies.

Not to mention that the opponents' death was so silent and brief that it was not heard or noticed by others nearby. The ring caused a silent death, as if the victim were in a place with acoustic barrier.

Now that you know what were the main characteristics of kakute, in the next topic we will show you the most known types of this weapon. Read on to learn more.

Ninja - myths about feudal japan shinobi

Know the main types of kakute

The kakute was also known as the horned finger, because it consisted of a small ring that wrapped around the finger and had soldered ends. Well, the fact is that this ring could cause deep and very dangerous injuries in some regions of the body, such as wrists and neck.

Also, if you look for more information about it, you will find that this weapon is also known as “hidden hand”.

Furthermore, the Japanese population that used this weapon was not civilized with the current population, which uses manual cancel and other contemporary features.

Even so, they were people who had an admirable skill, considering that the same weapon, consisting only of a ring with points, had several different types, among them the Senriki - toothed ring.


There was also another Senninriki, a ring that had 2 teeth, and the Temanriki, a ring that could be worn by people with bigger hands. However, those who had thinner fingers had more difficulty using the weapon.

But after Temanriki, more people were able to use the weapon during Japanese battles to protect territories. Now that you know everything about this ring, in the next topic we will briefly tell the story of ninjas. 

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What is the origin of ninjas?

It is difficult to determine the origin of these warriors. While we can broadly know other people's history, like the creator of heat sink, as far as ninjas are concerned, what is known is that they emerged around the 14th century.

It is also known that the ninja's antecedents may have appeared even before the 14th century. This uncertainty is due to the fact that there are few records that detail the activities of these peoples.

Anyway, the mysterious nature of these warriors is still highly worshiped in the popular imagination of Japan. But it's not just the ninja's home country that has this curiosity.

Around the world many other peoples are interested in the history of these people. This eventually led to the creation of legends and myths about ninjas. An example of this are the legends that say they had the power of invisibility, to walk on water and to control natural elements.

Nowadays, as you know, the Japanese are more concerned with developing technologies for the most diverse purposes, such as the creation of inductive sensor.

But despite all this evolution, the Ninja culture still prevails in the Japanese popular imagination.

As for the reality of these warriors, some of their techniques were taught to spies in a secret training center in Japan during World War II.

That is, even though Japan has the incredible ability to innovate its technology, many things that were created in the distant past are still being considered.


The Japanese are an intelligent and evolved people, capable of innovating in many aspects, even when it comes to making a pressure valve.

Furthermore, Japan is a country with a culture that arouses people's curiosity in many of its aspects. Ninjas are, without a doubt, characters that dominate the popular imagination in many parts of the planet.

One of the reasons for this is the weapons used by ninjas and samurai in other centuries. In this article, you learned a little more about Kakute and the potential of this deadly weapon created by the Japanese many centuries ago.