List of Adjectives in Korean

In this article, we are going to share a list of adjectives in the Korean language. Adjectives can include things like colors, shapes and sizes and any word that can define some person or thing.

learn adjectives in Korean language it is very important, since with them you modify the sentences and give characteristics to the conversations. There are thousands of adjectives in Korean, I hope to share as many of them as possible.

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List of adjectives in Korean

Adjectives in Korean

See below for a complete list of adjectives in the Korean language.

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Some약간yak gan
High키가 큰ki ga keun
Yellow노랑in the range
Azedar신(시큼한)sin si keum han
Blue파랑pa rang
Low짧은jjalb eun
Cheap값싼/바싸지 않은gapt ssan ba ssa ji anh eun
Noisy시끄러운if kkeu reo un
Good좋은joh eun
White하얀/흰색ha yan huin saek
Dear(가격이) 비싼This entry cannot be translated.
Brown갈색gal saek
Full가득한/완전한ga deuk han wan jeon han
Gray회색hoe saek
Circular둥근/원형의Thir geun won hyeong ui
Correct올바른hello ba meeting
Hard어려운and ryeo un
Hard딱딱한/어려운ttak ttak han eo ryeo un
Sweet달콤한dal kom han
Wrong잘못된jal mot sick
Foreigner외국의hey gug ui
Empty비어있는/빈bi and it neun bin
Fine얇은yalb eun
Weak약한yak han
Fresco신선한sin seon han
Grosso두꺼운du keeo un
Young어린/젊은and rin jeolm eun
Orange오렌지the ren ji
Largo넓은neolb eu
Slow느린/천천히Sorry, this text does not seem to be in Portuguese. If you'd like me to translate from a different language, please specify.
Light가벼운/밝은I don't understand this text.
Limit폭이 좁은pog i job eun
Clean깨끗한kkae keut han
Bad나쁜at ppeun
Wet젖은jeoj eun
Much매우/아주mom u ju
Young새로운come out
Part부분This cannot be translated.
Small작은jag eun
Heavy무거운mu geo un
Spicy매운mother one
Powerful강한gang han
Black검정geom jeong
Deep깊은gip eu
Square정사각형 (모양)의/직각의Jeong sa gak hyeong mo yang ui jik gag ui
Still calm조용한I'm not sure what "jo yong han" refers to. Can you provide more context or details for a more accurate translation?
Dry건조한geon jo han
Sombrio어두운and du one
Gentle부드러운boo gave reo un
Dirty더러운deo reo un
all전체jeon che
Triangular삼각형의sam gak hyeong ui
Old오래된/늙은o rae doen neulg eun
Fast빨리ppal read
Green초록cho rock
Red빨강ppal gang

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