Are the Japanese superficial, ignorant and stupid?

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Many Westerners have the idea that the Japanese are the smartest people on earth. It seems kind of controversial, but today I want to break that paradigm and I want to show a different point of view that shows some Japanese as superficial, ignorant and dumb people.

I even feel that this article will generate some bullshit, so I have to shout several times for readers not to generalize my words. I'm not defining anything or saying that Japan is like that or roasted. If you disagree with my words, I disagree too! There are thousands of different views and situations. No human being is the same ...

Do not read this article thinking that I am talking about all Japanese people. Stop being irrational! Don't generalize my words!

Be careful not to generalize: Often people rate the Japanese as unhappy because of the suicide rate, which is currently just 18 out of every 100,000. So, realize that when I call Japanese donkeys, I'm talking about 18 people per 100,000 inhabitants.


Why did I choose the word donkey?

I want to apologize for using the word “dumb“, But I believe that word is more striking and impactful, but I don't intend to insult anyone. It’s just a word of reasoning, I could just use “are not smart“, But that would not have the same effect, nor is it wanted in Google. Among all the words opposite to intelligent, donkey was the least offensive.

Entenda porque os japoneses são burros e não inteligentes
Burro em Japonês!

I have previously written talking about the Japanese intelligence. Where I say that there is no difference in IQ, the Japanese are just hardworking and follow the rules, there are cultural aspects like language, cooking and education that helps to develop more intelligence.

The Japanese are really very intelligent, but if we look at it from another perspective, we will understand that the Japanese reach an extreme level of ignorance, superficiality and stupidity in several aspects. Again, we are not talking about the IQ of anyone, but of their lifestyle, nothing very different from most Brazilians and people from all over the world.

Stupid, ignorant and superficial people exist all over the world. Only this site talks about Japan and the Japanese, so we are discussing them. We just want to point out some noticeable aspects in the Japanese to reflect and reason.

Entenda porque os japoneses são burros e não inteligentes

There really are no dumb people, just people who don't have the same level of information as others.

Japanese ignorance and the COMFORT ZONE

Everyone knows that Japanese people have problems socializing with each other, their shyness, rigidity, fear and lack of initiative mean that many Japanese people live far from society in a kind of comfort zone and solitary routine.

The lack of communication and the comfort zone is one of the things that makes a person ignorant in many aspects of life. They are unaware of many things around them, they do not delve into areas that are not of interest to them.

Entenda porque os japoneses são burros e não inteligentes

Remembering that ignorant he is not a bad person. An ignorant person can also be one who is unaware of the existence of something, who is unaware of something, who lacks certain knowledge.


Many Westerners have the distorted idea that every Japanese knows how to deal with technology and the internet, but if they play there are still people who use fax machines and flip-phone devices (open and close). Technology does not dominate Japan as people imagine.

The Japanese are intelligent in what interests them, but they do not strive to do something they do not know. Brazilians are known for inventing solutions, but the Japanese prefer to pay plumbers, electricians, carpenters and other professionals to perform simple services that they themselves could do.

Entenda porque os japoneses são burros e não inteligentes

I saw this when I was on a train going to the airport. A signal fell in front of the track and the trains stopped for more than 3 hours. I noticed the guards there for hours just looking at the sign instead of doing something. They didn't let us out and they didn't do anything. The signal wasn’t even big, because of my vision it was possible to gather about 5 and get him off the track, but they prefer to make us stuck and miss the flight than resolving or letting people walk 50 meters to the station.



For many, trifles and other frivolous and superficial things are characteristic of stupid people. So we separated some aspects and curiosities related to some Japanese who show these characteristics.

Those who know the Japanese superficially know that their subjects are quite generic and involve food, money or sex most of the time. I have come across Japanese lives on Instagram several times who were simply eating something.

Entenda porque os japoneses são burros e não inteligentes

Many Japanese simply deviate from intellectual debates and discussions. As much as Japan is the country of technology, most Japanese people cannot even handle a computer properly, most of the time due to lack of interest.

We can see some cultural customs that can scare those who do not know their culture. Even in the language, the Japanese repeatedly use the same adjective, use many onomatopoeia and speak screaming (I think that's cool).

The Japanese tend to think collectively, this is good, but it can be bad sometimes. They can be easily manipulated for good or for bad. They are easy people to fall into advertisements and buy on impulse.

Entenda porque os japoneses são burros e não inteligentes

Superficial - Refers to something light, basic, weak, frivolous, quick, external. These are things whose knowledge is basic, simple and elementary.

For you? What is being stupid?

For many, the information presented in this article has nothing to do with stupidity, although this is a slang very common and diverse. Apparently, in this article I just wrote about the lack of dedication to the knowledge of some Japanese people.

Except that I personally have been through several occasions where I lost patience with the lack of understanding of some Japanese, but I also lose that patience with Brazilians regularly. It is difficult to get people to reason and understand.

Entenda porque os japoneses são burros e não inteligentes

There are some aspects in the Japanese that some also consider stupid. For example, excessive shyness and shame, social phobia, perversion and fetishes, beliefs and many others. Only this kind of idea is subjective and depends on the point of view.

Those who have a different opinion than ours always end up being labeled as someone dumb. Another aspect that I observe in the Japanese is that many have no opinion of their own and are easily influenced.

Something positive about this alienation of the Japanese to the system, is that they are unlikely to try to stick worms in your head or force you to think like them like most Brazilians do. There is a "screw what you do" and that is a good thing.

It may be wrong for me to say this, since in Brazil things are also more or less like this. But there is a Japanese proverb that says that the one who stands out is hammered, so hardly anyone expresses their own opinion in Japan, they are taught to follow things as they are.

Entenda porque os japoneses são burros e não inteligentes

That is, considering a person as dumb or not will depend on our point of view. In your opinion what makes a person stupid? Do you think the Japanese are dumb or smart? What aspects of intelligence do you most appreciate in a person?


In this article, we talk about the Japanese, but all cultures exist superficiality, futility and stupidity. What about other countries or Brazilians? Have you stopped to do a self-analysis of our attitudes? Am I being irrational?

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