How to know where to eat in Japan?


Imagine that you are traveling and suddenly that hunger hits. Better yet, imagine that you are at home and want to find a restaurant to eat when you are traveling in Japan. And "even better", imagine that you just want to browse through images of super cool restaurants in Japan.

That's where Google Maps comes in. It is the best option to choose a quality Japanese restaurant with the cuisine you want, without worrying about frustration. Take a look at the video below to better understand how this scheme works.

Using Google Maps without leaving your home

If I could define the Google Maps application in one word, that word would be "practicality". As shown in the video, it is very simple to define what you want to eat without leaving the house.

Just first position the map in the area or city you want to visit (the more accurate the place, the better) and write the word “restaurant” in the search field. But if you want, you can be more exact and write what kind of restaurant you want to eat by writing for example “Sushi”In the search field.

You can spend hours and hours drooling on the beautiful photos of food that appear while you search. You may want to decide first what to eat among the thousands of japanese cuisine options.

If in case you feel insecure about the price, it is very practical as well. When you click on the restaurant, the site will appear right in the middle of the options. Unfortunately most sites are in Japanese, so you need to have a little command of kanji reading.

I created an entire chapter teaching how to use Google Maps in my book that is here on the Suki Desu website, just register on the website using the form at the top of all articles. What are you waiting for what to read the book doing well in Japan?

How to know where to eat in japan?

Other ways to find good restaurants

In addition to Google Maps, there is an application called Tripadvisor. The good thing about using this app is that it will point you to the most famous restaurants in the city. So the most famous options have more detailed comments that will help you to get an idea of the experience that the restaurant provides.

The negative side is that it is very difficult to link your tour with the options it offers. There is less than your main objective to go to restaurants, it will be very complicated to find a good restaurant in more isolated places, or smaller cities.

In addition, we have several articles talking about Japanese cuisine and some interesting and unique restaurants that we visit in Japan. I also guarantee that if you know how to choose, no matter where you go, you will be satisfied.

If your goal is to save money, in the most remote and isolated corners you will find a traditional tasty soba for less than 300 yen. Or rather, hungry you will not pass with the infinite options of snacks in a convenience store, konbini.

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