How NFTs can change social media

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Social media platforms have flourished. You are probably on several social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Social media is popular because it has broken down communication barriers, making it easier and more convenient to communicate with wider audiences. Whether you are an individual user or a company. Alongside NFTs, the ETH market is a good option for investing!

But recently, social media has been the target of increasing criticism for various reasons. For example, social media companies have unfairly exploited users. For example, you do not control how much money Twitter or Meta makes from your social media content or your engagements on their platforms. Social media platforms have also become sites of poor quality and unwanted sexual content.

Before closing your social media accounts, there is a new technology that promises to solve the current disorder and offer more opportunities on social media. These are non-fungible tokens or NFTs. NFTs are blockchain-based digital tokens that give users complete control over their content, apply decentralized control, and enable monetization.

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NFTs will change the current centralized control and ownership of social media. Although you may not have thought about it, your social media account does not belong to you. Your social media company can decide to close or suspend it at any time and without proper reason. And this clearly shows that you do not have ownership and control.

With NFTs, through their blockchain technology, this will change. The blockchain provides decentralized control. And this means that instead of a social media company owning and controlling the network, everyone in it will share power. Therefore, before Twitter decides to shut down your account, it will have to obtain approval from the majority of the blockchain network users.


NFTs will also change the way profit is shared on social media. Today, with their ownership and control over their social media platforms, social media companies use your content as they wish without compensating you adequately. With NFTs, your social media posts will belong to you. Therefore, the company cannot use them without your consent.

In addition, NFTs offer space for tokenization. You can tokenize your content on social media and make money from it. For example, you can tokenize a post and sell it on the NFT market. This provides a new opportunity to profit from social media over which you have full control.

Quality of content

NFTs will also lead to higher quality content on social media. Today, you can post whatever you want on social media. And since social media companies are interested in making a profit, they are less committed to ensuring that only quality content is allowed. Sexual content and other inappropriate content are flooding social media these days.

NFTs will ensure that only quality content is allowed, thanks to the power of the blockchain, where everyone on the network has to verify the post. If the content is inappropriate, users can choose not to approve it and will not feature it on social media.

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NFTs apply blockchain technology, which is the origin of the impact on social media. By connecting social media to blockchain, NFTs will replace centralized governance with decentralized control. This will transfer power from a few social media companies to all social media users. In addition, NFTs will provide new ways to make money through monetizing social media content.

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