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Looking for codes for Anime Adventures on Roblox? There are a few different codes you can try to get free items on the biggest Anime game on the platform.

The Anime Adventures codes in this article will help you get your hands on a bunch of free gems that you can spend at the Summon shop, or tickets to get new characters.

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How is the Anime Adventures Game? 

Anime Adventures is a tower defense Roblox game in which you must summon various powerful anime characters to protect your towers!

The game gives you a free character at the beginning, others can be obtained with gems, coins and tickets. The codes in this article will help you get some free items and characters.

The game doesn't force you to use real money to get new characters, but it does require you to do a lot of challenges in order to collect new allies to defend yourself against powerful enemies.

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How to redeem codes in Anime Adventures

After choosing the code you want to redeem, follow these steps below to claim your reward:

  1. Enter Anime Adventures
  2. Go to the park area
  3. Look for the tent with the words 'codes' floating above it
  4. Walk to the tent
  5. And enter your code in the text box that appears

After these simple steps you will be able to get your rewards. Remembering that the codes may not always work, so it may be necessary to try new codes, wait some time and try again.

Free codes in anime adventures roblox

Codes for Anime Adventures

Below is a list of working codes for Anime Adventures on Roblox.

  • CLOVER2 - 500 gems
  • CLOVER - 500 gems
  • CURSE2 - 250 gems
  • SORRYFORSHUTDOWN2 - 250 gems
  • FAIRY2 - 250 gems
  • FAIRY - 250 gems
  • HALLOWEEN - Gems and Candy (level 10+)
  • ANDROID - Mecha Freezo (legendary)
  • CURSE - Legendary character
  • kingluffy - Legendary invocation ticket
  • noclypso - Legendary invocation ticket
  • toadboigaming - Legendary invocation ticket
  • fictionthefirst - Legendary invocation ticket
  • subtokelvingts - Legendary invocation ticket
  • subtoblamspot - Legendary invocation ticket
  • subtomaokuma - Legendary invocation ticket
  • SERVERFIX – free gems and gold
  • HUNTER – free gems
  • QUESTFIX – free gems
  • HOLLOW – free gems
  • MUGENTRAIN – free gems
  • GHOUL – free gems
  • TWOMILLION – free gems
  • TOADBOIGAMING – summon free ticket
  • Cursed – summon free ticket

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