Why are there so few trash cans on the streets of Japan?

Japan is famous for cleaning and recycling, some hope that for the city to stay clean, every corner should have a trash can. One of the things that tourists notice when visiting Japan is exactly the lack of garbage cans that we find on the streets, the most we can find are garbage to put cans and bottles from the vending machines. In this article, we will understand why there are so few trash cans on the streets of Japan.

Maybe some think it's to save money, or because the Japanese are already aware of their garbage, or maybe because garbage cans are unpleasant. The reality is that there are factors that maybe you didn't know about. One of them is the fact that the fewer bins, the less garbage. You might be confused by this theory, but really when Japan had a lot of garbage bins on the streets, there was a lot more garbage.

Why are there so few trash cans on the streets of Japan?

Reason with me, people are prone to throw rubbish where there is rubbish. In Brazil it is common to find an empty lot full of garbage next to a clean empty lot. At the time that Japan had many garbage cans scattered around the city, people did not take the garbage home and the public trash cans were full and the difficulty of emptying the trash was greater by the amount. Not to mention that on windy days the dumpsters could overturn or garbage could fly and thus litter the street. Currently, there are almost no public dumps, most dumps found in Japan belong to a convenience store, market or other trade.

How did public dumps disappear?

One of the reasons we have already mentioned, it was a lot of work to take care of public dumps and the city was not so clean. It is believed that it was a terrorist attack in 1995 that caused dumpsters in public places to disappear. Exactly, on March 20, 1995, five members of the cult Aum Shinrikyo released deadly gas on subway trains in the city of Tokyo. They used plastic bags wrapped in newspapers. 13 people died and 5000 were injured. Japan was paralyzed in fear of further attacks.

Why are there so few trash cans on the streets of Japan?

One of the security measures taken was the removal of garbage cans, as they could be possible hiding places for other terrorist weapons. Other countries have also adopted this security measure, such as London. After that, dumpsters never returned to the streets of Tokyo and other cities followed suit. There are other factors that determined the fixed exit of garbage cans from the streets of Japan, today each establishment takes care of its own. From personal experience, I can say that while it is difficult to find a public dump in Japan, it is also relatively difficult to find garbage on the streets.

Where to get rid of garbage in Japan?

Every city and neighborhood has a way to get rid of the garbage accumulated at home, that's kind of obvious. What if you're on the street? They exist convenience stores, restaurants and stores where they have recyclable bins on or off site. It is not difficult to find a convenience store or other similar place. On every corner you can find a vending machine for drinks and there is always a garbage can for bottles next door.

Why are there so few trash cans on the streets of Japan?

If you have trouble disposing of your trash, the best thing to do is take it home. even the smokers carry a portable ashtray with them to keep the city clean. That dedication to cleaning makes garbage cans unnecessary. Now that you know, there's no use using the excuse that Brazil is dirty due to the lack of trash cans on the streets. Thanks for reading, we would like and appreciate your possible sharing and comment.

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