Sword Art Online Guide - Curiosities and Arches

Sword Art Online's Anime and Light Novel has become one of the most popular anime in recent years. Thinking about it, I decided to share several curiosities, Easter Eggs and secrets involving the whole franchise.

Sword Art Online emerged as a web novel (written on the internet) by Reki Kawahara. The success was so great that its story became a Light Novel and received then a manga, anime and even a remake and spin-off. The Light Novel was published in 2009 and has more than 20 volumes.

The Origin of Sword Art Online

It is good to understand a little of the origin story of Sword Art Online, which emerged through a web novel. The author of the work Reki Kawahara started publishing his stories in 2001. In 2009 he joined the publishing house Dengeki Bunko after passing a contest with the draft of Accel World. Its editor also suggested launching Sword Art Online which ended up being more successful.

The success was rapid, since in 2012 it won an anime adaptation shortly after receiving an adaptation from Accel World the previous season. The work works a kind of short arches that ends up displeasing some fans.

Author Reki Kawahara wrote both Sword Art Online and Accel World in the same universe, with crossovers, mentions of technology and perhaps even relationships between characters that still generate a lot of mystery among fans.

Reki created an amazing universe, but it could have been better worked on in the animations. After seeing his mistakes in the first 4 arcs, he got it right in the fifth arc, making a very long and well-crafted one, looking like another anime.

Because of criticism of his speed in writing the favorite Aincrad arc, he ended up writing a version called Progressive which covers in detail all the events of the first Sword Art Online arc.

Sword art online guide - curiosities and bows

Sword Art Online fun facts

There are 10 unique skills in Sword Art Online, we only know 6 of them which are: Infinite spear, Shurikenjutsu, Battoujutsu, Darkness Blade, Holy Sword and Dual Blades (Kirito). The two-sword skill Kirito gains can only be given to the individual who has the fastest reaction time in the game.

No extra for Sword Art Online, during Kirito’s interview, the cellphone times 8 hours 23 minutes and 45 seconds. That’s the sum total of time for all episodes of the first season together (excluding openings and closings).

In the first episode of the anime an easter egg appeared MyAnimeList which is a website where you can create lists and track information and comments about anime. In GGO, when kirito enters the game, you will find the Bandai Namco logo on a TV.

Sword art online guide - curiosities and bows

When Reki was creating Kirito, he wanted to make a character who would do whatever he wanted without thinking about the consequences. Heathcliff is a tribute to the actor Heath Ledger, who played the Joker, in “Batman: The Dark Knight”;

  • In episode 4 of the second season of Oreimo, some action figures from Kirito, Asuna and Liz appear;
  • Kirito’s computer has about 24Ghz of processing. Nowadays, processors have an average of 3.4GHz;
  • Originally Asuna’s brother was going to play Sword Art Online, but he had to go on a business trip and Asuna decided to play instead;

About the characters of Sword Art Online

The name of Silica means silicon dioxide. Ayano Keiko (綾野珪子) chose this name for his character because his real name is based on silicon, the 14th element of the periodic table. The ideogram of his name keiko (珪) composes several words involving silicon. She even ties her hair to symbolize the oxide atoms that are attached to her.

Asuna’s weapon it’s called Lambent Light. This sword is Asuna’s final sword that she uses in Sword Art Online. This requires an almost maximum skill level of one hand, combined with Asuna’s extremely fast speed, earns the nickname ’flash’.

Sword art online guide - curiosities and bows

The Villain of ALO Oberon, king of shadows and elves, he is one of the main characters of William Shakespeare, who appear in his Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was because of the works of William Shakespeare that the villain kidnapped Asuna.

  • In the anime, Lizbeth’s hair color is pink, this color represents a character that is often cheerful, to the point of being irritating;
  • Kirito’s favorite food is teriyaki chicken burger. He didn’t like onions, unless Asuna cooks for him;
  • The weapon of Sinon exists in real life and is called PGM Hecate II, sniper rifle used by the French army;

Curiosities of SAO Light Novel

Sword Art Online it is not the author’s only work related to online games. Accel World follows the same genre of games, but with a failed character instead of badass. Both series take place in the same universe. So much so that in episode 22 of the Accel World anime the Never Gear helmet from Sword Art Online appears.

Sword art online guide - curiosities and bows

Sword Art Online author wrote an extra chapter and erotic involving Kirito and Asuna in their light novel, chapter 16.5; The events coincide with episode 10 of the anime and chapter 16 of the light novel.

In the original version of the web novel, 50,000 people would be trapped in Sword Art Online. This number was reduced to 10,000 at the launch of the Official Light Novel. Leafa she has big breasts not because of the author, but the editor suggested that she would work better if she were busty.

The Light Novel Illustrator from Sword Art Online is known as ABEC. He had no interest in working with SAO until he read the story. He revealed that it takes 10 to 30 hours to make a single color illustration of the Light Novel.

There are many other curiosities about Sword Art Online that I don’t remember. Do you know of any? Comment here and share with friends!

What is the order of watching Sword Art Online?

Sword Art Online is not that difficult to watch, below we will briefly show the SAO arcs:

  1. Sword Art Online
  2. Sword Art Online Extra Edition (film)
  3. Sword Art Online 2
  4. Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale (film)
  5. Alternative Gun Gale Online (spin-off)
  6. Accel World
  7. Sword Art Online: Alicization
  8. Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld
  9. Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld - Part 2

The original Fandom recommends watching Accel World (another anime by the same author) before Alicization to facilitate understanding of the game present in the Alicization arc. But in the Accel World timeline it goes well in the future.

Sword Art Online - Arco Aincrad

The first arc passes in the first season of the anime, among the episodes 1 to 14. Aincrad was where it all started, 10,000 players are trapped inside a game called Sword Art Online and to exit they will have to end the game.

For this they need to go through 100 different floors, each with a boss at the end. The big problem is that in this game there is no Respawn, if the player dies in the game he also dies in real life. The anime focuses on the protagonists Kirito and Asuna.

Despite the most popular saga, it is one of the smallest composed of only 2 volumes by Light Novel, and a large part is present only in the first volume. There is a more complete version called SAO Progressive.

Sword art online guide - curiosities and bows

Alfheim Online (ALO) - Arco Fairy Dance

In Light Novel volumes 3 and 4, the second arc called Fairy Dance takes place, where Kirito manages to leave the game Sword Art Online, but I found out that his beloved is still trapped somewhere inside the NeverGear device.

In this arc your sister/cousin is the new heroine, who helps her brother to find and save her in the game ALO, a world of fairies and magic. The arc was adapted into the remainder of Sword Art Online's first season from episode 15 onwards.

In this arch we have the typical story of a princess trapped in a castle where the protagonist needs to do everything to save her. Without the threat of death, the protagonist still has to pass an impossible test to achieve what he seeks.

Sword art online guide - curiosities and bows

Sword Art Online: Extra Edition – Movie

This is a summary of the first season with flahbacks along with a cliche story with ecchi where friends from the first season try to do an underwater dungeon quest. An optional extra that does not affect the bows at all.

Guns Gale Online (GGO) - Phantom Bullet

Just like the first season, the third arc of the series is present between episodes 1 and 14. It all starts with rumors of people dying in real life within a game called Guns Gale Online, it is an open world FPS .

Kirito is asked by an old friend of the government to join the game and invest the deaths. When entering the game your character appears with a girl's hair, yes, that's what we follow throughout the arc. Because? I have no idea…

The development of this arc takes place with another heroine named Sinon who is afraid of weapons, but plays an FPS. After that arc we have a little extra of 3 episodes where they look for a sword called Excalibur or Caliber.

There is also a Spin-Off that takes place in Guns Gale Online with other characters and another story. It has Sword Art Online in the title, but it has nothing to do with the characters in the original cast.

Sword art online guide - curiosities and bows

Arco Mothers Rosario + Ordinal Scale Film

This part of the story tells the story from Asuna's point of view in the second part of the second season after Caliber. Where it shows the mother of an Asuna as a rival to her courtship with Kirito and her days at school.

Right after this arc, a movie that mixes augmented reality takes place, similar to the items in the anime Accel World. Despite being an original film, it was made with the help of author Reki Kawahara and became canon in the series.

Underworld - Project Alicization

One of Sword Art Online's biggest arcs, in this arc Kirito is attacked by a villain from previous seasons that leaves him in a coma. His friends in the government promise to save him by putting him in a machine. Virtual reality that speeds up the brain.

While in real life some time passes, within the game Kirito lives for more than 10 years and has a whole life and history. The world is divided into two territories that are about to go to war, meanwhile real-world villains intrude.

In fact, the story is much more complex than that, involving Artificial Intelligence, terrorists and much more. Unfortunately I don't want to go into details to avoid spoilers, but it is the best arc of all, well worked and very different from the previous ones.

This arc had a first adaptation with 25 episodes, followed by another adaptation (War of Underworld) divided into two seasons of 12 episodes, totaling 50 episodes in a single arc.

Sword art online guide - curiosities and bows

Unital Ring (UR)

The most current arc of Sword Art Online since the writing of this article. The author promises to be as big and good as Alicization was. It is still being released on Light Novel, so it hasn't received an anime adaptation, and it probably won't be getting anytime soon.

In the Kirito story, Asuna and Alice end up involved in a mysterious game called Unital Ring. The brutal “survival MMO” that brought together all the other VRMMOs created over the years by the Sword Art Online base program “The Seed”.

Why do many hate Sword Art Online?

If you follow news sites and forums about anime, always reading a post or article about SAO will have someone commenting on some blunder, criticizing and complaining about the anime. In its release year it was a super hype, but then everything fell apart.

The anime came up with a new idea, but its bows and characters didn't work well. So much so that it was necessary to relaunch Light Novel with all the floors of the Aincrad. Another big hate factor is simply the passion of the fans.

That's right, where there are many fans, there will always be those who hate it. I myself have been a person said several times that he hates cool anime, I hate it from the bottom of my heart Naruto without ever watching it, the fans' fault.

Of course, to generate great hatred and criticize even those who watched, the anime needs to make many mistakes. What are the problems present in Anime Sword Art Online? The opinion below is not mine but that of another writer, because I like SAO and I don't like to criticize it.

Plot and weak character development

Plot is like a chain of events, which will give direction to a story, such as events that have taken place and the development of the characters. And Plot, or at least its central idea, is not bad! But it was not very well used, mainly because it was something simple, like, "let me get this over with, I have other things to do". Some would say, "Kirito-kun, you really ... are a lazy ...".

It would be like saying, “By the cover, I already know everything”, almost that. Also, something that leaves something to be desired is the changes in the characters. A good plot is also made by good characters, and good characters are made by good plots.

In the case of SAO, the characters are the same, from the first appearance to the end of the story, especially in our secondary friends. But this is a little generalized, but a good point for this accusation would be that the changes and emotions presented were always superficial.

Why ... You don't know what the character feels without him saying it. For anger is also disguised as sadness and sadness is disguised as joy. Even so, these things have not been well explored.

It is common in anime for the main characters to be extremely powerful, but perhaps the story would be better if it were more worked out, showing how the character evolved and not skipping months of events within the anime.

Loss of quality

In 12-episode anime the quality is one, from start to finish, with exceptions. But in a production with more than 20 episodes, the loss in this aspect is evident. A studio always has a budget for a production, so they will never have an idea of whether they will get a return. Therefore, a considerable loss is common. But if it were just that, it wouldn't even be commented on here.

After the first arc of each SAO season, the story gets boring, unfocused. Many began to hate SAO for this, but many from the beginning. But of course, these many are also many who love him. I don't even need to comment on the second season, which, although not so bad, is not good!

Things seem to have improved in Sword Art Online Alicization, where the animation looks really nice. Unfortunately, as usual, some critically criticized this season, but they are just haters that are not worth listening to.

What do people like about Sword Art Online?

We saw a few points back that make people hate Sword Art Online, but what makes many love this flawed work?

Great animation, ambience and pleasant story

We said above about the loss of quality in anime, but even if it happened in SAO, it made no difference. Animation is not the “Hyper” of animations, but all cuts, scenes, camera placement, focus on the characters… This is also SAO. There is nothing to complain about.

4 games, 4 worlds. And these worlds were very well represented in SAO, an extensive world, caves, forests ... Everything very well planned, as well as the tower of the game of games, perhaps the best planned thing!

The story despite having holes is still good. Especially for those who want to watch for fun and not to do an analysis on the anime. Plot is great, it just hasn't been used, so you just need to connect things and make it enjoyable.

Character physics and novels

The characters are well made, pleasant, and in fact match the story. Although not all characters are liked by everyone. So it's worth checking out the anime because of that.

And something that leaves nothing to be desired in SAO is the expressions of the characters. All of them were represented very well, as expressions of pain, anguish, sadness, anger ... Even though the actions of the characters do not live up to the expressions.

And if you're a fan of light novels, you should definitely watch Sword Art Online. A platonic romance between the characters, between Kirito and Asuna. Although he has a harem in the gaming world and in his reality afterwards. In a survey, Kirito's harem was among the most desired by fans.

Soundtrack of Sword Art Online

The soundtrack is fantastic! Both in their Opening and Ending, as well as throughout the anime. Music that lived up to fight scenes, music that lived up to sad and happy moments. The soundtrack composed by Yuki Kajiura (the same as Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica). Yuki Kajiura would be like a Jun Maeda of the soundtracks, so it was not to be expected less in this aspect in SAO.

Sword Art Online fights

The fights are perfect, with the quality in the animation we feel even better in having to watch an anime, in the case of SAO. Although there are not so many fights, they are short and insignificant fights, this is still SAO. From the beginning it was light, so the fights are great, but remember that at Light Novel we can feel the real fear of the characters, as well as everything the series is.

Despite having more errors to be commented on, and some holes in the story, SAO is an anime that you should watch to comment. The story is great, the plot was not good, because if one arc is good and the other is not, both end up becoming bad.

But we also had positive points, and one of them is that SAO is pleasant. You wouldn't watch something that wasn't pleasant at least, right? There will always be points to criticize, I remember the time people complained about Hunter x Hunter from Mad House.

Where to buy Sword Art Online Manga and Light Novel?

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