Language schools - Where to take a Japanese course in Japan?

Have you thought about taking an intensive course in Japan? Stay from 2 months to 2 years on a student visa attending a school daily just to learn Japanese? Besides universities, Japan is made up of thousands of different language schools that serve foreigners. There are so many different schools that it is difficult to know which one to choose. Thinking about helping those who wish to study Japanese in Japan we wrote this article.

Before choosing the school you want to go to, you need to take into account that classes are usually taught entirely in Japanese and sometimes in English. It is not necessary to know English or Japanese, they use a method to teach anyone in any language, but some schools support English. Some schools provide accommodation and help with obtaining a student visa. Prices can vary and easily exceed 20,000 reais per year.


Some schools, besides the intensive Japanese course, offer cultural classes or other things like manga and illustration. Classes are usually daily and last 3 to 4 hours. You must take into account the location, Tokyo has several schools that are expensive, but it is easy find jobs part-time. The most important thing is to know what your need is!

Language schools - where to take a Japanese course in Japan?

Choosing the Language School in Japan

Japanese schools can be divided into 3 groups:

  • Large and expensive school;
  • Small and expensive school;
  • Cheap school;

Most large schools and universities are expensive because of their expenses and location. Some small schools are also expensive because they pay for private teachers with more intensive classes. Cheap schools are usually small and pay private tutors and do not divide the class into levels. The cheaper the classes, the less effective they will be. There are Japanese courses that can drop you off at the N1 for a year, others don't even drop you off at the N3. Schools that allow enrollment at any time of the year tend to be chaotic in July and August.

In addition to the traditional language schools, some universities have departments that teach Japanese, but they are more expensive. You can also get scholarships for learning Japanese and not just for studying at universities. Another option is to pay private tutors who charge about 2000 yen an hour, but this does not usually help with a visa.

Choosing a Japanese school in Japan is not easy, especially the payment and visa process if you have no knowledge of English. Take time to research all the details and information before choosing the school you want.


Language schools - where to take a Japanese course in Japan?

The best Japanese schools in Japan

Are you wondering, what is the best Japanese school in Japan to study? When you search Google for it, you come across Booking-style sites that feature several Japanese schools at exorbitant prices. It is easy to find schools that cost only 20,000 a year, while searching google through these sites I found schools that charged more than 100,000 reals for 6 months. I will leave a list of website below so you can do your research and decide between the best and best known language schools in Japan:

KAI Japanese Language School – Students from 40 countries attend this school located in Shinjuku – Tokyo. The courses last from 3 months to 2 years and they also have shorter courses. A great option for those looking for support in English and classes usually cost 25,000 reais per year.


Shinjuku Nihongo Gakkou – The SNG School was founded in 1975 and today it is recognized by the city of Tokyo as a vocational school. It serves students from over 40 nationalities including English. Prices range from R$22,000 per year, and this school is good enough to drop you off at JLPT N1.

Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo - Considered one of the best Japanese schools in Japan located in Shinjuku. Classes are held with few students at most 8 students. Its annual price is usually 30,000 reais. They also have a school in Fukuoka.

This Japanese Language School - Located in Kichijoji, Tokyo, JLS offers lessons based on daily activities so you can apply what you learn directly to your daily life.

TCJ - Tokyo Central Japanese Language School - Located in Shinjuku founded in 1988 and serves students from over 40 countries. This school is possible to find annual courses for 22,000 reais.


Hokkaido Japanese Language School - for those looking for a different option, this school is located in Hokkaido.

ECC - Kokusai College - Language school located in Osaka.

Go-Nihongo - On this website you can find other language schools in Japan.

Unfortunately, not everyone can take a face-to-face Japanese course. If this is not possible for you, we recommend a online japanese course.