Ao Ashi – A Japanese Soccer Anime unlike any other

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The world of anime has gained a new narrative about sports that transports its followers directly to the world of football/soccer. Ao Ashi is gaining fans all over the world for the different way he reminisces about the reasons we all love football/soccer. Get to know Ao Ashi better in this article.

Ao ashi – a Japanese soccer anime unlike any other

Japan may not be – like Brazil – called “the country of football/soccer”, but that does not prevent the country from continuing to invest in sport and even in parallel narratives that integrate it.

If football/soccer around the world interests you and you are even familiar with the Japanese Professional football/soccer League, known as J1 league, J-League or Meiji Yasuda J.League, knowing the other ways in which Japan celebrates the sport can be very interesting and, in this particular case, complement even that passion you created for the biggest professional football/soccer championship in Japan.

Ao Ashi is a new Japanese anime series, which invites the world to follow an interesting and lively story, full of sports references.

The world of Ashito Aoi, a boy who lives in the countryside of Japan, takes us to a very common reality for the brazilian teenagers: the deep desire – almost a dream – to become a professional football/soccer player, in order to help his humble family, giving them a better life.

This anime takes us into a world of football/soccer skill, presenting a well-known universe with an exciting story that will captivate any football/soccer fan. Learn more about anime.

The Ao Ashi Anime

A large part of Brazilian teenagers dream of becoming a soccer player and this helps to justify a little bit the growing interest that Ao Ashi is doing.

In 2017, a survey by the IBGE even proved that this is the most common dream of young Brazilians (and worldwide) and football/soccer continued, also being the greatest national passion.

Because this is a dream shared by the protagonist of the story, Aoi Ashito, the new Japanese anime once again brought a very simple identification narrative, portraying a reality that could be that of young Brazilians: the dream of being a professional football/soccer athlete, of simple origin. but highly determined and well aware of his skills on the ball.

The role of the coach in history

Reality almost intersects with the anime when the protagonist meets the character Tatsuya Fukuda who would be the coach of the J Youth League.

The path to training and the realization of the dream then begins to take place, not forgetting the obvious intrigue that would have to arise: the boy's mother does not want him to follow this path.

Episodes and fan expectations

With a very interesting debut episode, Ashito Aoi's story immediately created a legion of fans.

The presentation of the characters in the story reveals from the first moment that the plot is well created, in an engaging way and transports us to very real names of teams that make up the UEFA Champions League.

The real references throughout the Anime are one of its positive points, and the character's emotional proximity to many real boys also helps to make this series good to watch, making the anime a hit among football/soccer lovers.

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