What does Gendai mean?

Ever wondered what Gendai means in Japanese? What is the etymology of the word? In this article we will study the meaning of Gendai.

Gendai is the name of a gigantic Japanese food restaurant franchise in Brazil, but its Japanese name also has an interesting meaning, do you know which one?

Meaning of Gendai

Gendai [現代] is a noun meaning present day, present day, or present day. It mainly refers to modern times and modern eras.

The word is written with ideogram [現] which means present, existing and current, together with ideogram [代] which means generation, decades, ages and years.

Compound words of Gendai

  • Gendaiteki [現代的] - Modernist;
  • Gendaigeki [現代劇] - Contemporary drama;
  • Gendaishakai [現代社会] - Modern society;
  • Gendaiiryou [現代医療] - Modern medicine;
  • Gendainihongo [現代日本語] Language Modern Japanese;
  • Gendaisen [現代戦] - Modern Warfare;

Gendai Budou - Modern Martial Arts

Gendai Budou [現代武道] is a word used to refer to the martial arts modern like:

  • Aikido
  • Judo
  • Jukendo
  • Iaido
  • Karate-do
  • Kendo
  • Kyudo
  • Naguinata-do
  • Shorinji kempo
  • Hijutsu
Top 10 Japanese martial arts + list

History of the Gendai Restaurant

The first Gendai was opened in 1992 as a store for Japanese products at Shopping Morumbi. The location offered customers fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and various delicacies.

Gendai became popular for its sushi bar, where the dishes are all freshly prepared and ready to go. The brand was created by Carlos Sadaki Kaidei and soon became a sushi franchise.

Gendai is one of the famous franchises of one of the Shark Tank season 1 contestants Robson Shiba who is currently retired from his endeavors due to an accident.

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