Tower of God - my manhwa nomination

Everyone has that manga, nine, anime or something you want to recommend to friends. In my case, it's a korean manhwa, Tower of god, which is not so popular here in Brazil. I mean, despite having a good fan base, he is still lacking when the term is numbers.

But I think that a large part of us otakus, we know that popularity does not always determine the quality of a work. There are thousands of unknown works that are of the highest quality. And I think this manhwa fits this classification.

Tower of god is one of the first morning I have ever read. Although it is difficult for those who came with only manga, start reading. After all, the organization of the paintings, the designer, the way of reading, everything is different. Even the style of creation of the story tends to be a little different in the morning.

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Tower of God

In tower of God, for example, the crowd usually gets angry only in the first season. The reasons are varied, the MC lacks charisma, the plot is confusing, personality development of very shuffled extras. In addition to many elements that are difficult to understand and that are poorly explained by the author.

Torre de Deus is a webtoon written and designed by Lee Jong-hui, also known by the pseudonym SIU (Slave. In. Utero). It started in 2010 as the first story in the “Talse Uzer” universe. It is edited and released for free at Naver Webtoon.

Author Lee Jong-hui earned a degree in visual arts education at the university level before being recruited into the South Korean army. On the advice of an army veteran, Jong-hui started drawing cartoons.

During this period, Jong-hui drew “ten books” of practice cartoons, which formed the backbone of the Tower of God comic book that he later started creating for the Internet.


Tower of God plot

Tower of God revolves around a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam, who spent most of his life trapped under a vast and mysterious Tower, with only his great friend, Rachel, to keep him company.

When Rachel enters the Tower, Bam also manages to open a door for her and faces challenges on each floor of the tower while trying to find her closest companion.

Tower of god - my manhwa nomination

This happens in the first chapters of the work. Where Bam enters the tower, and soon finds himself chasing Rachel to try to bring her back, although he is very, very weak. However, because of his giant determination, he continues to climb the Tower floors until he meets Rachel.

But for that he has to go through a series of challenges that will lead him to know and win the friendship and loyalty of many people. Too bad it's not all flowers, and soon he discovers that he is not just another person in the tower, but the person who can bring about her destruction.

Plot Elements

"The Tower" is a mysterious structure that is completely enclosed and hosts many unique environments. It is permeated by an element called "Shinsu", which has strange properties similar to magic in other comic universes. It is inhabited by many different intelligent species.

Living on the upper floors is associated with a higher status in the Tower and better living conditions. This is a result of ascending from one floor to the next, being allowed only by passing increasingly difficult tests of strength, dexterity and wit.


Those ex-regulars who reach the top of the Tower are known as Rankers, and are generally much more powerful than others. Sorters are often put to work managing the lower floors. At the top of the tower are the “10 Great Families”, which form the governing body of the Tower.

Each floor consists of three layers: an external External Tower, which serves as a residential area, an Internal Tower, where people are tested, and a Medium Area, which functions as a network that connects each floor.

Residents on each floor have a chance to climb, as long as they are deemed "worthy" to do so by Headon, the Guardian of the First Floor and Tower caretaker. These people are referred to as “Regular Chosen” in the Tower of God.

The Tower is sealed from the vast and unknown “Exterior” by portentous and impenetrable doors. On rare occasions, extraordinary people manage to open the doors and enter the Tower. Such people are called “Irregulars” in the webtoon, and the protagonist of the Twenty-Fifth Baam is one of them.

According to the author, each floor is the size of the North American continent. Only the Irregulars are exempt from the contract that Jahad made with the Tower Guardians who made him immortal. Thus, only an Irregular can kill Jahad. This fact drives much of the plot in the Tower of God.

Why read read Tower of God

I can't say that I don't understand the people who drop this manhwa. I even dripped a few times where the protagonist's wretch got some crazy ideas. Looking like those cuckold ideas, when he thinks his wife hasn't betrayed him.

Yes, the protagonist tends to be cattle, at least in the first season. But while it sounds bad, the fact is that the protagonist's development and potential is evident. It is that type of protagonist where we see that he will go far, without even that forced by the author.

He fits so well into the plot of the story that we don't realize that he is the protagonist. And consequently, it keeps developing without us even realizing it. Another interesting point is that we don't usually know what the protagonist is capable of.


Yes, that's right, we never know when he can back out or head into adventures. Everything is a surprise, even the bad parts of the work is a surprise.

Honestly, few works have enchanted me as much as Tower of God. The plot itself doesn't seem like much. But the development and the richness of details is certainly a great advantage in this work. I highly recommend reading.

THE union manga has both seasons completed, and also a third season that started this year. I'm sure you won't be sorry if you give this manhwa a chance. Good luck.