Crunchyroll’s 10 most popular anime

Crunchyroll is one of the official options for watching anime in Brazil besides Netflix. With that in mind, let's recommend the 10 most popular anime on the platform today (2019).

10 - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

The family Joestar it's nothing ordinary. With six members, they fight supernatural forces. Jotaro Kujo he is a prisoner who refuses to leave his cell, something leads him to believe that an evil spirit has possessed him.

The 10 most popular anime on crunchyroll

His mother, his grandfather and a mysterious colleague named Mohammed Avdol try to understand the situation, Magician's Red reveals to be the Malian spirit that inhabits the body of Jotaro. Waging a phenomenal battle against the family Joestar. From there, the plot begins to unravel several stories of Jotaro to understand his powers and the enemies that threaten his family.

9 - Domestic Girlfriend

With a story of love and disappointment, Domestic Girlfriend tells the story of a boy who is deeply in love with his teacher. The young Natsuo Fujii is in high school and has that forbidden desire. To forget Hina - the teacher - the boy goes to a party.

There he meets a very strange girl named Rui Tachibana. The two begin to know each other a little more and decide to lose their virginity together. In the head of Natsuo, he would forget about his passion for Hina.

The 10 most popular anime on crunchyroll

Later, the father of Fujii have a second marriage. Who is your new wife? That's right, Hina. As the saying goes: "there is nothing bad that cannot get worse”, The teacher of Natsuo takes his sister to live in the new house, his sister is none other than Rui. Believe it or not, it will be an unprecedented experience for everyone.

8 - Kaguya-Sama: Love is War

The anime of the genre seinen - aimed at the adult male audience - tells the story of two young leaders of the student union at their school, they have a passion for each other. However, the fear of showing their feelings leads them to a tireless war in making one confess the desire for the other.

Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya are young people from the local Japanese elite. Beautiful, extremely intelligent and proud are some adjectives that define the two lovers.

The 10 most popular anime on crunchyroll

Always trying to get the other to reveal their feelings first, both will not rest until they reach their goal. The determination of the two is great and stubborn too!

7 - Black Clover

Asta was a baby when he was abandoned by his parents in the kingdom of Clover. He and his wizard friend Yuno - also from the same orphanage - venture across the globe to improve their skills and powers.

even though Yuno be a young wizarding prodigy, with full abilities to control his powers, Asta uses intense physical training, trying to compensate for his lack of magic. However, the boy has a magic sword that has the ability to counter any magic.

The 10 most popular anime on crunchyroll

The ambition of Yuno to become the Wizard King and Asta the most powerful Magic Knight in the universe, makes the two go on a journey full of struggles and adventures. Black Clover it is one of the great shounen.

6 - The Rising of the Shield Hero

Upon finding a mysterious book in a library in his city, the young man Naofumi Iwatani was invoked in a parallel world alongside three others. The unexpected invitation is for them to become heroes of the universe.

The lack of personality present in Naofumi caused him to receive only one shield, while the rest received better and attack-oriented equipment.

On the second day of his new job, his combat partner betrays him. Accusing him of several crimes, Naofumi he is forgotten and hated by everyone around him.

The 10 most popular anime on crunchyroll

The only way the young man sees of leaving hatred and the feeling of revenge behind is by buying a slave, Rephtalia, who becomes your new partner.

The misfortune of Naofumi it then becomes an adventure to improve your skills and show all other warriors what you are capable of.

5 - That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

The life of Satoru Mikami is transformed overnight after his death. Before, an office worker, he was reincarnated in a monster, popular among RPGs, called Slime - or slime in free translation.

Satoru reincarnates as slime in another universe and to survive it has to devour other creatures. By devouring them he acquires his skills, managing to stay alive.

The 10 most popular anime on crunchyroll

With his new identity, Rimuru Tempest allies with the dragon Veldora. The sludge now has the mission of freeing Veldora of a stamp imposed by a beautiful heroine a long time ago.

4 - Fairy Tail

With 60 million copies and one of the most watched in 2018. fairy tail tells the story of the young woman Lucy Heartfilia has 17 years and magical powers. The magician wants to join the famous Guild of the Magi.

The 10 most popular anime on crunchyroll

For this, she arrives at the city of Hargeon. Needing money to maintain and improve her skills, she is faced with her future new friends on her journey: Natsu Dragneel and Happy.

3 - Sword Art Online

In the not too distant future, virtual style games role play game they become fever in a new modality: virtual reality. The new game mode called VRMMORPG - Virtual Reality Multi Massive Online Role Play Game - dominates the heads of young people.

2022 is the year in which the saga takes place. Like Nerver Gear, teenagers immerse themselves in the universe of Sword Art Online whose creator is Akihiko Kayaba.

On November 6th, 10,000 users enter the world of ARE and quickly discover that they are trapped there. Kayaba weapon for players, forcing them to complete the hundred floors of the tower Aincrad.

The 10 most popular anime on crunchyroll

If players remove the Nerver Gear forcibly or die within the game, died in real life.

With this new macabre reality, Kazuto Kirigaya - whose nickname in the game is Kirito - uses your knowledge of ARE acquired in the old beta test. Only available to 1,000 players.

Her knowledge of the game and alongside her new friendship, a young woman named Asuna Yuuki, will be the only devices capable of saving others and themselves from Kayaba.

2 - One Piece

Mokey D. Luffy is an aspiring pirate who has an ambition: to become the greatest pirate of all time. The young man leaves in search of his dream on his ship, self-titled Straw Hat Pirates.

The 10 most popular anime on crunchyroll

Beside his best friends cook - and skilled fighter - Sanjithe swordsman Roronoa Zoro and all the other crewmembers sailing the great sea around the only continent in their world, Red Line.

The anime is a hit in manga and is also one of the most watched anime of all time.

1 - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

The story is a continuation of the acclaimed anime Naruto Shippuden. Being portrayed ten years after the fourth ninja war. With the universe of Naruto finally at peace.

Boruto is son of Naruto Uzumaki, Hokage from leaf village. Fruit of marriage with Hinata Hyuga, the young man feels distant from his father due to his duties with the village of Folha.

The 10 most popular anime on crunchyroll

Sasuke Uchiha come to the village to alert Naruto of imminent danger, the young man Boruto asks if his father’s old friend could be his mentor. Like the Uchiha have always been demanding, Saske accepted, but with one condition: the boy must know how to execute the famous technique Rasengan.

The son of the seventh Hokage uses an illegal ninja technique that makes him able to perform any skill. But he ends up harming himself during the exam Chunin.

Naruto takes off his own son's bandana - feeling ashamed. In the middle of the tournament, two members of the clan Otsutsuki invade the arena. Boruto asks for help from the other five Kages to bring Naruto back. Starting a new journey in the ninja universe.

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