The real life ichiraku!

If you like Naruto, you should know that Naruto Uzumaki’s favorite food is ramen (or ramen). But did you know that your favorite place to eat, “ICHIRAKU” exists in real life? It is true! And in fact, you could even eat the same dish as Naruto in this place.

Located in the fictional village “Konoha”, the establishment made several appearances during the various episodes of the anime and manga throughout the series and was even featured in manga number 16 in the anime. Thus, it is not surprising that many of the people who accompany the anime are already familiar with the establishment. What is surprising, however, is that instead of being simply an invention of the manga’s imagination, a real store served as an inspiration for Ichiraku.

The store that was model for the anime, was located near the Fukuoka station. Mangaka Kishimoto Masashi said, that he used to visit the place during school days and it seems that this is why the place has a certain role in the anime. Unfortunately, the royal establishment was closed in 2014.

If the store is closed, then how can you taste the ramen?

Going to a different store of course! Despite the fact that the original Ichiraku is no longer working, there are other branches in Fukuoka. One of them is the Shime branch which is near Fukuoka Airport


If you have the opportunity to visit the establishment to eat Naruto's ramen, just go to the place indicated and ask. This anime dish is nothing less than a pork ramen.

You don't necessarily have to be a fan of the manga to enjoy the opportunity to eat ramen. But it would definitely be something different and interesting to do, and we highly recommend this delight.

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