Death Note Sequel: One Shot - Justice or Evil

Many were outraged by the end of Death Note, but are unaware of a sequel that takes place 10 years later. In this article we are going to talk about the short story involving another young genius, world war and even Trump.

Remembering that One Shot is available in English by the publisher JBC for purchase in Brazil through Amazon at the link below. One Shot has a total of 88 pages.

For those unfamiliar, One Shot is a one-volume manga story. 

Special C-Kira - One Shot Tokubetsu-hen

Before we talk about One Shot Justice or Evil, it is worth mentioning that there is a special where the protagonist, 3 years after Kira, begins to use the notebook to kill 60-year-olds who were suffering from some disease.

Near showed no interest in C-Kira, just said he was an abominable killer. Rejected by Near, C-Kira stopped writing names in the Death Note.

C-Kira traded half of her life to get the Shinigami eyes. Near called him C-Kira because he was a cheap Kira and only killed old people. C-Kira ended up committing suicide just because of Near's psychological shock.

Death Note Justice or Evil Synopsis

Tanaka Minoru or Auction-Kira is a student with English difficulties, but with a very high IQ. Because of C-Kira's failure, Ryuk sought out another young man with higher scores on IQ tests.

In these 10 years after Light Yagami, Tanaka is considered the smartest student in Japan. Ryuk believed that the smarter and colder, the more notebook time and the more apples.

The boy, after knowing the whole story and finding it difficult to use the Death Note, asks the Shinigami to return in two years. With Ryuk back, Minoru says he uses the notebook to make dinheiro.

The story of Death Note Justice or Evil is about how much a nation would pay to have the power to kill anyone knowing only their name and face!

Dramas that surpassed their anime

My opinion on Death Note Justice or Evil

The proposal of this One-Shot is totally different from the classic Death Note that shows a psychological battle between Kira and L. Fortunately, One-Shot managed to make a pretty cool story.

In this new One Shot story, there is no intellectual battle, no persecution, as Minoru has not committed any crimes. He just tries to sell Death Note and shares its pages.

Even the great detective Near says that nothing can be done, that it is not illegal and that people sell weapons of destruction daily.

- the sequel to death note - one shot - justice or evil

The traits of the manga remain impeccable, Obata and Ohba maintained their skills well after these 10 years, and still managed to fit in key personalities like Trump and the president of China.

These important people participate in the Death Note Auction. Other interesting points of this small work is the way the protagonist carries out his transactions and communicates with the press.

The story is short, it would make a great movie, much better than the crude Netflix adaptation.

- the sequel to death note - one shot - justice or evil

The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:

Learn Japanese with Death Note Justice or evil

Suki Desu with its Japanese Club Project and its Youtube channel published a video showing a little of One-Shot, studying in Japanese excerpts from the dialogue between Ryuk and Minoru. We recommend reading below:

If you want to learn Japanese with anime and other elements of Japanese culture, we recommend visiting our other website

Death Note One Shot spoilers

I know that many don't have the patience to read manga, and want to know everything that happens in the story of Death Note Justice or Evil. I will try to summarize as soon as possible.

The entire synopsis of the anime makes clear the positions of the characters and their goals. Minoru needed to sell the notebook, but how would he advertise and get the money?

He then used a television station using Ryuk himself to carry written messages in a way that would not be tracked. His whole plan involved getting money without being traced.

- the sequel to death note - one shot - justice or evil

To take the auction money, he asks to be transferred one billion yen to each person in his bank, so it is impossible for him to get caught. Lucky for those who had an account in this bank.

At the End of Story, Trump wins the auction, but when it's time to get the Death Note, Ryuk warns that the King of the Shinigami adds a new rule to the Death Note that prohibits its sale, and that Trump would die if he took the notebook.

Trump wasn't stupid, he didn't finalize the transaction, but he claimed to have bought the notebook to use as a bluff and still come out as a hero, as he could never use the notebook, something he didn't have.

Meanwhile, Minoru, taking Trump's money, dies, and the series ends with the protagonist Morro, Trump with the supposed Death Note, and thousands of people with a billion yen in the account.

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