The 20 best Iyashikei anime

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Do you know what Iyashikei anime are? This Japanese term [癒し系] means; therapy and healing. In other words, they are works that wash your soul, that give you a feeling of peace, that take away some of your stress.

These are works that carry some aspect of beauty and tranquility in their history, with a peaceful and peaceful environment. In this artigo, we are going to introduce you to 20 great animes of this Slice of Life subgenre, which is an anime genre that tells the narrative of the work showing the daily life of the characters.

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Gochumon wa usagi desuka

The first anime work is Gochumon wa usagi desuka which means (Your wish is a rabbit)? It tells the daily life of some employees of a coffee shop, Rabbit House, with many adventures, comedy and cuteness.

The work became popular with its very cute characters, having the feeling of healing with all the moe vibe that this anime carries.

The anime also has interesting components in the narrative such as the friendship between the girls and their development in the work. If you are looking to find a work with beautiful and cute lolis this should be on your list, it is a strong recommendation from us.

The 20 best iyashikei anime
The 20 best iyashikei anime


Barakamon is an Iyashikei anime that chronicles the life of Handa Sei, a calligraphy artist who finds himself in a position of dissatisfaction with his calligraphy, the character unable to find inspiration on how to improve his art.

Handa at an exhibition hears severe criticism from an expert about his work, in which he loses his patience and makes a mistake that forces him to get out of his routine and go somewhere else.

This place is a very distant island, where people are more humble and simple, a peaceful place that makes us appreciate life in a purer way.

There are several children in this place that end up preventing Handa from focusing on his handwriting, taking him on adventures different from the routine that the character is used to.

Handa over time sees this place with different eyes, and even his handwriting as well. An anime that really washes the soul, with a beautiful and deep plot.

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The 20 best iyashikei anime
The 20 best iyashikei anime

Yuri Camp

An anime that tells the narrative of two high school friends who enjoy the outdoors and seek a way to cultivate this experience, and the way they do this is by camping.

The work shows everyone's preparations for the camping adventure, food preparations, setting up tents, and all the difficulties that can be imagined during the experience.

An anime that tells the adventures of the main characters camping together but also with groups of people. With super cute characters, it totally relieves stress in everyday episodes.

The 20 best yashikei anime


It tells the story of 4 cute high school students who are part of the music club. Going far beyond the club experience, the anime shows every part of the preparations for each epic performance in the anime, working through all the scenarios.

An anime with extremely pleasant episodes and a very well developed plot. With a lot of brightness it is joy, in fact a very pleasant work to follow.

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The 20 best yashikei anime


This anime shows the story of a father and daughter, Kakushigoto and his beloved daughter Hime. The father runs away to avoid being recognized as a mangaka, his profession, so that his daughter doesn't get into big trouble, thus wanting his daughter to have a normal childhood, since she doesn't have her mother alive around.

An anime with several fun episodes and a super well-crafted comedy, but with its side that reaches your soul for the depth of the narrative, with cute and inspiring scenes. The work has a complete anime and a movie.

I strongly recommend this anime.

The 20 best iyashikei anime
The 20 best iyashikei anime

New game!

The work describes the life of several employees of a game company, as is the routine and life of people who work in the game creation industry, showing the routine of a main character, who finishes graduating and manages to go directly to the game company.

A moe anime, with cute little girls, with super pleasant and quiet episodes to consume, in a “Slice of life” format. Showing the lives of friends who work together. For fans of works with details about the production of games and a lot of moe, it is a work that should undoubtedly be on the list of those who are fans of the style.

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The 20 best iyashikei anime

Karakai Jyouzu no Takagi-san

A very fun and comedy anime that shows Nishikata and Takagi's middle school life and going to high school.

Takagi is a friend of Nishikata's who is always trolling him, and playing games where he always tries to think of a way to reverse everything, but ends up falling into the trap.

Over time, both have a more developed friendship, so they both have different feelings for each other. An anime that develops with episodes in the Slice of life format, with each episode bringing both characters closer together. A popular work that has a few seasons.

The 20 best iyashikei anime
The 20 best iyashikei anime

Houkago Teibou

Shows the adventure of fishing club members. The story begins when the manager of the fishing club reluctantly tries to bring the protagonist to the club, who at first is against the idea, but over time comes to like the club.

A fun work that narrates the adventure of a club of girls who love fishing. A great recommendation.

The 20 best iyashikei anime
The 20 best iyashikei anime

Tonari no Seki-kun

Seki-kun is a student who secretly skips class, that is, he spends most of the class playing some kind of game, or some kind of prank.

Nobody notices, except for the girl who sits next to him Yoko-san, who ends up at first trying to stop him, but ends up in a few moments getting into his jokes and being impressed by how well he manages to do well without being noticed.

A pure comedy work with several fun episodes, the episodes take 10 minutes so they are easily consumable, give this anime a try and you won't regret it.

The 20 best yashikei anime

Natsume Yuujinchou

A peaceful and relaxing piece of Slice of life that manages to convey complex emotions in detail. The story revolves around Takashi natsume, who for a long time felt cursed with the ability to see spirits and creatures from other worlds.

After the death of his grandmother, he inherits a book which is coveted by other spirits, Takashi starts to help some trapped spirits, freeing them, but not all spirits are friendly with himself, so there are some spirits that persecute him.

Despite the genre, the work is calm and very pleasant to consume, a perfect Iyashikei. We highly recommend this work.

The 20 best iyashikei anime

Non Non Biyori

The anime begins with Hotaru Ichijo's transfer from her hometown of Tokyo, where she comes to live in Asahigaoka village in the middle of nowhere.

The character needs to adapt to the customs of this place and learn to live in a distant place and without all the technology she was used to. Making new friends.

A super nice anime, and for those who want to get away from anime themes of combat and wars.

The 20 best iyashikei anime
The 20 best iyashikei anime


Mushishi are creatures with unique shapes and sizes, somewhat spiritual creatures. Which can be seen by Ginko, a man with white hair and only one eye. That in addition to everything can interact with these creatures.

An anime with characters, unique scenarios, since the work tells the journey of Ginko who always passes through a different place. A great work to watch and relax.

The 20 best iyashikei anime

Flying Witch

The anime stars Makoto, a young apprentice witch, who at the beginning of the story moves to her aunt and uncle's house in Aomori. The work shows the daily life of Makoto's main characters and friends, showing the young woman's adaptation to the new city and also all that her magic can do for her and those around her.

The 20 best iyashikei anime

Gabriel DropOut

Gabriel DropOut, an anime that shows the story of four main girls, two of them are angels and the other two are demons, they come to the human world to study and understand their behavior.

A simple, comedy Iyashikei work, with a fun vibe and very relaxed to watch.

The 20 best iyashikei anime

Nijiiro Days

Nijiiro Days is an Iyashikei anime that tells the story of a group of four male high school students, Keiichi, Tomoya, Natsuki suyoshi.

Everyone doesn't participate in any school activities clubs, so they try their best to finish their studies for the day, so they can enjoy the rest of the day. The work begins by focusing on Natsuki's love issues.

An anime with episodes that go by fast and very easy to finish, a work with a Shoujo vibe, using the Slice of life format with Iyashikei.

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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Danshi Koukousei is an Iyashikei comedy anime that tells the life story of high school students at Sanada High School, an all-boys school.

The work has a lot of comedy, and a pleasant school vibe, the anime also uses other formats in the work that sometimes escape the everyday, but without leaving the everyday style completely.

Nonsense comedy anime + danshi koukousei no nichijou

Kono bijyutsubu mondai ga aru

Mizuki Usami is a member of the art club, but notes that not everyone is taking the activity at the club seriously, some members are very lazy and are distracted by other things during the club's activity.

The anime shows Mizuki trying to keep the club moving forward, while not trying to lose his focus, having a certain crush on Subaru, an artist who might have won an award if he wasn't distracted by creating the perfect 2D Waifu.

The 20 best iyashikei anime


Nichijou is an Iyashikei anime that shows the daily lives of high school students living in the city of Tokisadame, although the anime has some quirks like talking cat and robot girl the story focuses on a normal slice of life style.

A work with a good hint of humor and comedy, each finished episode generates curiosity for the next, being a perfect choice for those looking for Iyashikei with light comedy and school day to day.

The 20 best iyashikei anime


Shirobako is an anime for those who want to be more inspired to follow their dreams, a Slice of life style work with Iyashikei details, a beautiful and touching anime that features ordinary people achieving what they seek.

All the difficulties and struggles to achieve their own goals and how everything when done to the end can bear fruit, a truly inspiring work. A good choice for those looking to see something relaxing and exciting at the same time.

The 20 best iyashikei anime

azumanga daioh

Azumanga Daioh summarizes the life of students at an unnamed Japanese school. The story focuses on Chiyo Mihama a very young prodigy and her attempt to fit in with 5 other older girls.

The 20 best iyashikei anime

This is the top 20 Iyashikei anime that we consider most interesting, if you know others or have something to add, please comment below. If you liked the recommendations, share it with your friends.

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